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A blessing in disguise

Blessing in disguise 

There was once a man who has a son. When they boy was old enough he went to with his father. They travelled from place to place and town to town on a horse and cart. One day the son went to unload the cart but had failed to put the break on correctly. The cart began to roll back crushing his foot and ankle. The boy was so severely injured that he could no longer walk without aid. 


Time went past, and the family continued to work and do what they could. Adjustments had been made to work round the boy’s infirmities. Around summer of that year, war broke out between two countries. All the Young men were being rounded up to fight on the front line. Many of whom never would return to their homes and families. Upon entering the family house, the general took one look at the boy and said ‘right lad we will send you into the firing line. A great decoy and a wonderful sacrifice.’ but when the boy went to stand, the general saw his crushed foot and refused to accept him into service.

When the boy told his father what had happened, the father was over joyed, he now saw that even in a disaster, a massive blessing can come from it in the future if only we see it.

So often when something goes wrong, our instinct is to get upset, worried, angry, scared or a combination of all the above. This is a natural reaction for both people of faith or not. It’s not all about wanting our own way, more so about wanting to avoid pain and suffering or as I call them, storms of life.

Sometimes these storms can go on for a few days, weeks or even years. Sometimes even, seemingly with no end in sight. But the one thing that I can try to offer as comfort to you today is that eventually the storm dissipates and calm comes even if it is just a rest bite. I have been there friends, so I do not say this lightly.

Sometimes it’s not a case of avoiding the storms but more so learning how to sail through them the best we can.


May you find comfort in these words today.


Until next time





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