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John Morris


In 2010 I left Huddersfield to take a role  Scotland as a youth worker, Art didn’t play much of a key role for me for the first eight months, but then one night something called me back to pick up the brushes again. The feel of the brushes against my hands, the connection I felt when holding the plastic, it was like the bristles were in sync with everything that I was doing. Every impulse, every surge of imagery that came to mind, began hitting the canvas and what I saw in my mind i then began to see in the real world.

In 2012 I had been studying at the Scottish Baptist College for around two years. During this time I had been battling with an undiagnosed condition called colitis. Spring came and I was taken into hospital, pumped with steroids to try to do a quick fix, and sent home, unable to study due to ill health. I had a lot of time on my hands, so what better thing to do than get out the paint brushes and begin painting. It was around this time that many people saw my work and saw huge potential in it.


Now with over a decade of experience and a positive track record with nearly 1000 clients from around the world. I’m still painting Unique, eye opening and heart

John Morris Clients

touching, paintings that will transform and transport the viewer to a world within a world.

I respect and honour the position that I have been given in life and that is why I give utmost professional service, have  and the cli

ent’s best interests at heart, in doing so I EXCEL in CUSTOMER SERVICE and I make sure we have a Quick but very detailed painting turnaround time depending upon size and demand.

  • All my work comes with a certificate of authentication which is signed by me to Guarantee and verify that this is a hand painted painting of my highest quality and that I have personally done.
  • Also all work comes with some special freebees too so you can see more about the people we work with, serve and work that I undertake.
  • Payment plans are also available if desired.
  • I personally matt the canvas, which means its stretched over a wooden frame and ready to hang, saving you the effort and pain of having to worry about doing that yourself.
  • . The painting is then bubble-wrapped and packaged with thick cardboard. I personally package your painting to ensure that no damage happens to the painting prior to dispatch.
  • And then your painting is sent via the tracking and signature system to ensure it arrives to the address you provide safely.

John Morris Clientsdo ask for a deposit via PayPal just to secure things but once all done we are good to begin all our terms and conditions are also available on our website.


Some,unique for being good, some, needing more practice. Me I am unique for being an all rounder, an artist whose main objective is to provide the best service that I can.

John and Paintings

To put smiles on faces, and in so doing provide for my family and staff members. I try deeply to be a fun approachable artist who has his clients best interests at heart. I go out of my way to serve you, and to make you feel comfortable in working with us.

I provide jobs for those who everyday battle with disabilities  (myself included with Colitis), I also run a local youth group, where among teaching many things i teach art classes on Sunday mornings and life skills Sunday night.

In working with me you will receive a unique, heart touching and eye opening painting that will represent, YOU, the image that you send. contact me today for a FREE quote.


  • Landscapes
  • Pets
  • Portraits
  • Silhouettes
  • Tutorials
  • Art coaching
  • Group Art coaching
  • Public speaking

If you’ve ever wanted to learn to paint but feel OVERWHELMED then i am here to help, with my Simple, FUN and easy to use Tutorials we make it so anyone can paint.