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I was born April 3rd, 1988 at Huddersfield Royal infirmary. Armitage road, Milnsbridge would be my home for the next 21 years, until I left home for Scotland to take up a youth work position. 5 years earlier, I had been sitting on the sofa after just receiving the news I had a condition that would change my life forever. Colitis.

At this time colitis and its effects were very much unknown, only that It was a condition that wouldn't ever be cured but only managed. Good often comes from bad...  While I was sitting trying to process the news I tuned into Bob Ross' Joy of painting show. This is where the gift of art and the world of colour was introduced to me.  Bob inspired me to get out the brushes and let out the artist within.

I began emulating Bob's style for a while and during this time fell in love with the oriental style of artwork of which I worked several paintings. As much as I love the oriental style and art forms, my real love was the mountains. Over the next five years, I got involved in many things. Competitive bodybuilding being one of the key points in my life. ( 5th in Britain at one time.)

In 2010 I left Huddersfield to take a role  Scotland as a youth worker, Art didn't play much of a key role for me for the first eight months, but then one night something called me back to pick up the brushes again. The feel of the brushes against my hands, the connection I felt when holding the plastic, it was like the bristles were in sync with everything that I was doing. Every impulse, every surge of imagery that came to mind, began hitting the canvas and what I saw in my mind I then began to see in the real world.

In 2012 I had been studying at the Scottish Baptist College for around two years. During this time I had been battling a serve flare-up of, what I later found out to be colitis. Spring came and I was taken into hospital, pumped with steroids to try to do a quick fix, and sent home, unable to study due to ill health. I had a lot of time on my hands, so what better thing to do than get out the paintbrushes and begin painting. It was around this time that many people saw my work and saw huge potential in it.

From this point on the story takes a turn for the better. In 2011, I have been flat sharing with a former friend of mine. Who unbeknown to me had what's a good invite and dodgy dealings. Things that I've been led to believe about the flats living situations weren't actually true. I needed to get out of his flat quickly. I couldn't afford the rent, I was all alone. And at that point, I would have tried just about anything.

My best friend at the time said I could live with him. And although I felt very much, that God was telling me that  I shouldn't, I moved with him anyway.  I stayed with him for quite a while, unable really to get back On My Feet due to ill health and low income, I felt I was stuck in the ground going nowhere. During this time, I had started sketching and painting again. Facebook was just really starting to take off, so I thought why not promote my paintings on Facebook. Very quickly, one-piece sold. Then another and another. I began to think "I could be onto something here." I Began taking commission orders as a sketch artist, and I could see, the level of debt decreasing. I was finally getting back into the green.

2011 then presented an awesome opportunity, to illustrate books. Several of which were the clients in the United States. A dear friend of mine Anna Renault, employed me to do several of her books and then came up with the idea of the United States tour. Naturally, I was thrilled and over the moon at the opportunity. So in 2012, all of our planning, ideas, and location research came to fruition. I got the opportunity to go to Nebraska, Colorado, Dallas, Washington, and Maryland were spent most of my time. All seem to be going so well at this point, I was in the United States touring with Art from the Heart this was beyond my wildest dreams But very quickly, those dreams are about to go up in smoke.

After speaking at a conference and on the road for about 8 hours, I return back to my lodgings to find an email from my best friend and landlord. He informed me that he wanted his house back and, that wanted me to move out. In effect was giving me my 1 months notice, while I was in the United States and unable to do anything about it. My entire world felt like it was crashing down around me. To top it all colitis was causing some problems when I was out in the United States. Due to the high insurance rates, there was very little I could do other than take the medication I already had with me. I knew I had to return home back to Scotland, but I had no idea what waited for me.

At the end of July, I packed my bags, said goodbye to Anna and headed home to Scotland. 21 hours of travel later, I made it back to the house that I've been staying in only to find that all my possessions had gone. When my former friend and landlord arrived home, I asked him to take me to the place, that I would now call home. He did... What awaited me was one of the scariest sites that I have ever encountered, a bedsit, all my possessions were thrown into a room thankfully the door had a lock on it. For the first time in a long time, I felt alone and terrified. My best friend has betrayed me in sold me out, just so his he could make some extra income. So what on earth was I to do? and wondered in fear for a lot of time, trying to keep myself together as best as possible but the reality is where I was crumbling and fast. The was an opportunity to head back to the United States, but after praying, meditating and seeking guidance I knew it wasn't the right place for me to be. I knew somehow, I had to survive this.

As time went by, I started to get stronger and stronger. Learning skills that I'd never learned and found a strength that I never knew I had. One morning when I was in the gym, watching some TV program on my laptop, I felt God's voice very close to me and just whispered in my ear " it's ok, you going to make it." this was all I needed to hear, all I needed to get me over that next hurdle.

A few months later I would move out of that place, and into my own police which looking back was a cold damp flat but, to me, it was a kingdom on a hill. It represented safety and security for me.
No many people have asked what kind of effect did this have upon me if any? Let me tell you, folks, even as I sit and write this to you some five or six years on it still has an effect, betrayal is a hard thing to get over but I'm glad to say and well past that. It was during all this time that I met my wonderful wife, Katie. Who supported me through everything that we went through together. Struggles with colitis, the eviction and even the battles I had with my employment in the church. She has been a tower of strength.

So, what happened next you might ask? Well in 2016, I left my job as a youth worker due to in-large, to the political struggles and nonsense that went on behind the scenes. I left my job, to run Ar from the Heart full time. I must have been nuts. I left my job secure income, to run an art business. But I felt very much that I was called to do this and that it was going to be something very, very special. Nothing can prepare you for when you take the first steps of faith. It's not all plain sailing it's not guaranteed to be and this business certainly hasn't been. But running it full time for the last however many years, it's fed us, clothed us and kept a roof over our heads.

In 2017, Facebook's algorithms went through some drastic changes. This pulls the problem as we were no longer able to promote and reach fans we had for so many years before. So, we decided to open up the Art from the Heart School of Art. We started initially with only a few students a few years prior when I was playing about with teaching, now we needed to make it work. I marketed and promoted it day and night. In four weeks we went from having 5 students, to having around 35 students of week joining us. This obviously fluctuates throughout the year as some come in for a course or two, while others come in for a much longer period...

It is certainly been a massive journey, I have learned things that I never thought I would, been involved with situations that I never thought I could. But all of it is contributed to Wisdom and knowledge of telling a story that is much bigger than me.

Art made with you in mind

Hi folks, I'm John Morris a fun, unique and creative artist from Scotland. I create beautiful bespoke artwork that not only is unique and can be custom made but that features a wide variety of subjects and styles that enriches your life.

For the first 3 years of my art career, I worked tirelessly to develop art that clients would love. Then one day, I was approached by a lady who wanted to know if I could create a special painting for her. A memory on canvas was born and since that day and over a decade and a half later, I have worked with clients all over the world who all want a special memory on canvas. Whether it was a painting of a pet or a portrait of a child, each client was ensured the highest standard of customer care.

When I left school I worked for various companies. The one thing I learned is the value of good customer service I watched those who provided care to their clients against those didn’t.

I offer a personalised customer experience, one that is directly between you and me, the artist. You won’t get a call centre when you phone me! Being available to my clients is something I pride my business on and it’s helped me gain the strong, reliable reputation that I now enjoy. In working with me you can be guaranteed that I will do my best to ensure:

  • Personal customer service of the highest level
  • The best quality art, that is made to last.
  • A simple process from start to finish
  • Not to be rushed to make a decision
  • And to be able to ask questions for anything that you are unsure of.



My calling is to make sure that when all is said and done you feel valued, cared about and have a painting/product that leaves you feeling elated.



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