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An artist isnt paid for his labour, but his vision


An artist isnt paid for his labour, but his vision

Hey folks! What an interesting week this has been. 

For the last 13 years I have been able to make a living, feed my family and build business in the world of art.

However, when chatting with clients or potential customers, one thing that is apparent is that while many understand the labour, time, struggle, that it takes to create the paintings that we make, there are many who don’t!  Let me tell you a story:

A young girl, about 11 years old, said to me, “why is your art so valuable? I would only expect to pay £20 or something.”

Rather than be insulted I calmly responded. “See that phone you have there? If it was the only one in existence and the best phone that someone could create, more than just a phone, it was specially made for you, how much would you pay for it?”

“Ohhh I couldn’t live without my phone,” the girl replied, “I’d pay everything I had.”

‘That’s how art should be seen,” I replied.

Over the last 15 years, I and many other artists, have worked, struggled, failed and cried over the art that we attempted to make. 

Yes, today we create art that comes to life, strikes a chord and is a world within a world filled with colour. But there was a time like all artists where I had to learn and go through the valley process of learning. 

When you see art filled with detail, depth and perspective, that takes you to an amazing world or creates the feeling that you are there with the subject, just remember the value that is in an artist’s work. 


Have a great day and until next time,





 p.s for those who are interested in learning how to paint, we have a brand new collection of tutorials available in our shop section of the website


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