Custom painted portraits! From baby to toddler…

Custom painted portraits! From baby to toddler…

From baby to child, I paint those special moments on canvas for you

 Let John Morris create hand-painted baby portraits from your favorite photos. You’ll cherish these custom paintings for years to come, just like the thousands of other happy customers.

Examples of my work below.

 Some of my favorite pieces and the stories behind them



This baby portraits painting means a great deal to me. It was commissioned by a lady in the USA in 2015. That lady was a good friend of mine who sadly passed away a year or so ago.
Never had I been requested to create a painting of two delicate newborns. My client was also a friend and had approached several artists who rejected the idea.

When she approached me with this idea I was intrigued and once I saw the reference photo I was only too happy to create this special memory for her.  I was delighted to make her vision a reality.

She loved it, our audience (to this day) loves it and I have to say I love how the finished piece came out.

What a wonderful way to grant a last wish!


The Young Girl

Painting portraits has always been a source of excitement, struggle, delight, and cringe.

Until I began to break each element down into stages.
The eyes being circles, the circles for the head, cheeks, and chin, a triangle for the nose.

This painting was one I had forgotten about but came across the photo recently. This was such a special painting for me as it was one of the first portraits in my new life of being a full-time artist.


Happy Chap!


Inspiration: They say a smile can change the world but the smile of a child can last forever. This painting simply is wonderful. I love everything about it. From the detail in the hair, the chubbiness of the cheeks, and the personality captured on canvas.

This was such a special painting to work on and forever will be one of my absolute favourite projects of all time.

Why You Should Choose John to create your baby - child portrait

  • A commitment to providing the highest level of 1 on 1 customer service (no bots or robots.
  • Paintings are made with the highest quality acrylic paint to ensure they will not crack, yellow, fade, or give off harmful emissions.
  • Paintings are varnished to protect the artwork from debris and dust and enrich the colours
  • John always aims to make the process as fun and simple for clients to use as possible.
  • Listens to clients' needs and walks them step by step through the process of ordering a custom piece of art.
  • Proven track record with over 2000 clients worldwide
  • Fast and reliable service
  • Only a message away should you have any questions.
  • Free delivery/shipping worldwide.
Product Knowledge
Customer service
Ease of ordeing
Clients Love Of The Painting Recieved

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