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Big changes

Hey Folks!!!
Happy new year. Yes its already February and due to all the massive things that have been going on in our business I haven’t had chance to write to you.

We have so much happening from a wonderful new member of staff, 6 new branches of the business including: , , Outreach art and so much more.

Let me begin by introducing our new member of staff…

Hi! I’m Natalie Johnson and I have recently joined the John Morris Art from the Heart team! My background is in Marketing, Events and Promotions. I am a married mum of two and I live in the East Midlands area of the UK. I look forward to getting immersed in my new role. I have been a fan of John’s work for a while now and it is both a pleasure and a privilege to be part of this brilliant team.


The new branches of business… Business that work the best are those ones

who find their niche audience. Those people who are hardcore fans of a particular genre. wrestling, kids’ art, and helping those who have no one else have been just 3 of the big projects that we began last year.



For all of my life, I have loved wresting. Doing it, watching it, every aspect of the business. So! What better way to spend my time than recreating those special memories, moments and matches on canvas. If you are a wrestling fan this page is for you.

From brand new originals, prints and box prints too there is something on the scale for every wrestling fan.

Watching the delight on a young person’s face as they capture the image of something they can see

, onto a canvas, is a sight I’ll never get tired of. Knowing that by taking one of the Kids Art School courses they will learn skills that will stay with them a lifetime is an honour to be part of.

Taking part in one of the six week after school courses at Kids Art School – Troon, boosts confidence, skill and artistic knowledge. The sense of satisfaction your child gets from creating their very own masterpiece is a priceless gift!

SO…. Are you the parent of a kid aged 9-16? Who loves art and wants to learn more? Then we have a course for them! Bite size after school courses running during term times! Why not message us for the details?


Outreach art…

One of our proudest branches of our business. Imagine if you will, a little old lady sitting at home on these dark nights. She has no family, her friends have passed away or are in old people’s homes, the community she knew has changed. She is all alone. Now imagine the joy on her face if there was a weekly activity that she could be part of where she could meet people in the same situation.

With outreach art we aim to reach people who want to be part of a community without the hassle of leaving the home. From online art courses to virtual art classes we aim to give our older art students the sense of community and fun that they crave.

Course available right now include: The introduction to painting, seascapes, painting the stallion and more. all available at



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  1. Cindy Freland on February 12, 2019 at 6:39 pm

    Congratulations Natalie. I first met John when he visited the United States for the first time. Our friend, Anna Renault, and I showed him off to our U.S. friends. He has illustrated some of my children’s books.

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