The Black Cat – Coopers story

Can I tell you a story? Firstly my black cat is amazing. Secondly, many of you will know that I love animals, most of my professional life has been painting them (see

Many also know that I have an awesome black cat called Cooper, but many don’t know the story of how Cooper and I met…

So do you want to know a story of how a wonderful black cat called Cooper came into my life?

The myth about the black cat

Many people dislike black cats, usually out of ignorance or because of the old wives’ tales that they are bad luck. Hey, I run an international art business, live in a 4 bed 3 bathroom home, and married the girl of my dreams. If you believe in luck, let me tell you that black cats are not bad luck.

The beginning

I had just moved into an apartment on McCall’s avenue in Ayr, Scotland. Katie and I had been dating

 for a few months. One morning I got a very unexpected call to tell me that my (now) sister in law was getting divorced. (I won’t go into the details as it isn’t my story to tell and non of anyone else’s business)

She and her husband had 2 dogs and 2 cats. The dogs would be taken care of but the cats would need to find new homes. I was asked if I could look after them while homes were found for them and I (excitedly) said “yeah sure.”

One cat was called Riley and the other was the fluff ball called Cooper. Riley was very easy going would sleep on his back, paws outstretched, and as chilled out as they come. He was the first to find a new home. The second, Cooper was like me. Very emotional and he was upset with the situation.

Animals have feelings too

See, many people forget that animals have feelings and emotions too especially our black cat. They aren’t dumb creatures, far from it. The first night, Cooper was really upset. They say that animals who are under great stress show it. When he sat with his head in the bookcase, resting against the wall I knew something was seriously wrong. It was like I could feel his upset. His whole world had been rocked, shattered, and turned upside down very, very quickly.

My wife and sister in law told me that both cats were very friendly, Cooper, however, seemed very aggressive. Honestly, I thought “what have they landed me with here?”

The world he knew, was now gone and he was stuck with me.

Divorce doesn’t just affect the two people separating but also the ones around them in the wider world too. Many forget that also

There are no coincidences 

I had been in recovery too. After a crazy American business tour, where I had the opportunity to paint and perform my music (click here to see my new CD) for people all over the USA I came back to find that my then “best friend” had relocated by positions to a bedsit of traumatic proportions.

My whole world was shaken. To kind of paint the picture,(no pun intended) There was a rampant young guy in the room to the right to me, there was a very randy mating couple in the room across from me, a drug dealer in the flat below and a prostitute in the flat next to them. My idea of paradise, it was not.

Soon I left that place and moved into a little flat on McCall’s avenue in Ayr. It was dark, uncarpeted, and had mold growing up the wall however compared to where I had been moving to McCall’s avenue was like buying a castle on top of a hill for me.

Because of this experience, I understood what Cooper was going through. I remembered I much my experience affected me and how it messed me up for a long time.

Initially, I tried everything I could to get him to come around.

One thing he had that I didn’t during his upset, was a friend who was with him. However, no matter what I did, nothing worked.
Time is a great healer.

After trying what I knew, I decided to give him his space. After all, no matter how good a person’s intentions are if once forces themselves upon another it doesn’t make for a good relationship. Adjusting to a new home can be very difficult for anyone, so I left him to it. Gave him food in the morning and freshwater.

Then one night, after a while of very little progress, I said goodnight to him as I always did, told him where I would be if he needed me, and then went to bed.

But then…

A few minutes later, I heard this thud and the sound of claws walking upon an uncarpeted floor. If you have ever shared a room with a furry cat friend you will know the kind of noise I am meaning. The black cat was approaching

Click, clack, click, clack next the door opened slightly, I saw a nose… then a little more. I now saw green eyes, whiskers, a mouth, and eventually this cute black cat looking at me.

Honestly, I didn’t know what was about to happen. This was the first progress we had made together.

He came into the room, looked at me, and jumped up on the bed. I just gave him his space and very quickly he nuzzled into my hand. Knowing that I was his friend and he was mine we found a unique bond and acceptance of each other that continues to this day.

How he copes now

Cooper is our best friend, we have moved a few times and each time he has prospered. Especially where we live now. When we moved into this house, I really didn’t know how he would take it. Overjoyed is an understatement. Ever see a little kid at Christmas when they get the very thing they have been wanting all year? Yep, that kinda tells the story of how happy Cooper was to have more space, rooms to run around in and lovely, bright, fresh surroundings to look upon.

Created with GIMP

My passion

I love cats, I love animals, I love Cooper, so you can imagine my joy all these years later after meeting Cooper when I spend so much of my time painting animals of all shapes and sizes, for clients all over the world Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, even someone’s pet Bear once. They all have an amazing place in my heart. Click to see a furry friend on canvas through paint

The bond I have with Cooper goes far deeper than many think.

Over the last few years, I have had a few bouts with Illness and difficulties. He is like my therapy cat. always there when I need him, (only if he isn’t napping, of course, it is an unwritten rule that you never wake a sleeping cat.) For all who have had paintings made by me, Cooper has sat and watched the creation of many of them. Any sermon I have ever delivered for the Online Church, any Online Concert that I have performed, and any video filmed, he is usually in the studio. On top of his scratchy post watching intently or sleeping.

The End

A wise man once declared how amazed he was at the bond that man has between animals. He really shouldn’t have been. We are all animals, we just look different. We all share a unique bond and all have our place here on earth. Remember that next time you see a spider or bee.

Though we may not always get on we all have our place here on earth and my prayer for you is that if you open yourself up you might just find your best furry friend right in front of you.

I should close by also telling you Cooper has many great, amazing facial expressions, I love our black cat.

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