Have you ever been so desperate for help but don't know where to turn?

Have you ever wished for someone to be there, who understood what you were going through?

My new book "The battles we all face ~ a devotional with a difference" is designed to help, build confidence, give support and

let you know you're not alone in whatever your facing...

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From short-term homelessness, betrayal, anxiety, and heartbreak to joy, self-discovery, and recovery. The internationally renowned artist, John Morris has lived enough for three lifetimes.

  Recently, John swapped his paintbrushes and studio for a keyboard and office as he began work on his new self-help book, called "the battles we all face."

This self-help book, promises to be quite unlike any other book on the market, as it focuses on dealing with real-life issues and is written from the perspective of someone who has lived and experienced all of the written subjects.

Below is an excerpt from John's latest blog post.


My new book

" Anna and I talked about it for years but the timing was wrong. It is something I have always wanted to do and very soon it will be published and available on Kindle, ebook, and hardback. 
The book is set out as a devotional and teaches 40 of the life lessons that I have gone through and experienced over the last 18 years.
It certainly doesn't feed the party line that many other self-help books do but deals with the realities of life. Such as coping with anxiety, when you think life is over, transitions, brokenness, timing, moving forward, rebuilding your life.
 This is a book that has something for everyone and like all of my professional life I hope helps change people's lives, helps them think and see in a new positive way, and will be a blessing to them and you. "
When we desire to make the world a better place, you'll be amazed at the opportunities that befall us. 
I live my passion and my prayer is that you will too... To be in the know on upcoming details of my book and when it will be released, just complete the sign-up box below

Client Love!

I pre-ordered John's book this morning...WOW simply WOW... 

He explains things in such a way that really got my attention. It's almost like having him in the room speaking to me in person. 

I have followed John 's teachings for many years and couldn't wait to read his first book. I can't wait for the next.

~ Mark Twaits

I have read a lot and heard the hype around many self help books, a lot that do not deliver... John's book however really does. Simple, enjoyable and deeply though provoking this book really has something for everyone, as we are all facing something in our lives.

Hence the name. "the battles that we all face..."

~ Katie Shaw

I've never been a fan of people who try to sound smart, with there big and long words. This guy (John) is one of the wisest men I have ever come across and manages to write and teach in such a simple and easy to understand manor. 

He teaches in an amazing way and doesn't make the reader feel small or insignificant. That goes a long way with me. 

~ Jessica Evans