Changing Seasons – what do I love? I don’t have a favourite season. I love to see them change!

The bringer of balance

Do you have a favourite season that you long for each year? Maybe the crisp chill of winter when snow and Christmas take over? Or the breezy cool of Spring with its pastel blossoms and new life. Summer is for lovers of heat; sun, sea, sand, and summer holidays. Or of course, Autumn, where the earth starts to fall asleep and the bronzed trees create a golden blanket across the countryside.

Each season has its own beauty. But what I love most, are not the seasons themselves, but the change from one to the other. As one season comes to a close, the next begins to unfurl and spread its unique qualities around us. I love to see the buds begin to peek their heads out and unfurl with each new spring, then transform into a blaze of fluttery blossom. I adore as the mornings begin to turn crispy as winter really takes hold, allowing me to get all cozy in my winter clothes.

So many people choose to be miserable until their favourite season comes back around, lamenting the cold, or the heat or longing for a summer holiday. It seems such a waste not to enjoy the beauty that surrounds you at each unique time of year. If it was a certain way all the time, you would get so bored and no longer treasure what you once did. Change brings balance.

Life mirrors nature

This notion of balance…it makes a lot of sense! Nature has a marvellous way of righting itself, doesn’t it? The cyclical nature of the seasons; the change that must take place in order for life to proceed and keep in balance. The changing seasons. Life is kind of like that too. Maybe not quite in the cyclical, repetitive way of nature, but life definitely goes through seasons. Seasons of joy, sorrow, progress, rest, uncertainty, age…I could go on! These seasons in life, much like the four seasons of nature, serve an important purpose in creating, in us, balance. The times of sorrow; deep pits of agony that challenge us to stand up and keep moving forward despite the pain and anguish we may feel are balanced out by the periods of joy that buoy us up and propel us onwards in our life’s journey. The good balances out the bad. For each painful season, there is a counterpart of pleasure. (Original painting sold prints are available at

Embrace the changes

It’s all fine and well me going on about the inevitable seasons in life. What’s harder is coping with them. Especially the difficult times. I have experienced my fair share of despair after losing a parent at eighteen and know the deep hardship that certain seasons in life can bring. But I also know that they do not last. Sometimes we feel like we’re drowning in our own pain and can’t see the safe land on the horizon. Sometimes, as I experienced, you know you’re in perilous waters, you have a raft to keep you afloat, but you’re just aimlessly drifting, letting the current take you where it will, not really caring when or if you’ll find land. Eventually, you do and you realise just what it feels like to break through that fug of pain and what it means to breathe again. Change does come. New life will emerge. We just need to embrace it, moment by moment. This is equally true of entering into a period of uncertainty or distress. It can feel overwhelming and confusing, but if we embrace it and take it one step and a time, we can cope. You’ll be a different person for sure. But that’s ok. Embrace the change within you, be kind to those around you, and take on those changing seasons of your life with grace!

How the changing seasons affect us – A note from John

With the changing of the seasons come many new transitions. As we enter into winter, the cooler nights, bare trees, and wetter days all come too.  It is a season that many dread and want to avoid and yet it is in the natural order of things.

Let me explain about the order of the changing seasons…

You may have heard the phrase “for everything, there is a season”. It is true. Life could not be sustained if the balance didn’t exist. Nor could it be sustained if rest wasn’t an option. People in today’s world abide by this unwritten expectation that they need to be working all of the time. However, rest must be part of your daily life. Anyone who believes that they can work without any rest is fooling themselves.  Just ask any Egyptian who helped build the pyramids under the rule of the pharaohs.

Equally all rest and no work makes Jack a very poor boy. Life must be lived with a certain order: work – rest, sleep – awake, day-night, cold-warm…the list goes on and on. If you are struggling to keep up let me use the tree analogy. ( An excerpt from my new book )

A tree lives in perfect balance. It knows, understands, and adapts to each changing season of its life.

The tree rests in winter; its leaves have fallen and the branches become bare. It regresses into itself and braces for the big winter sleep. Four months of winter role by and slowly the tree begins to wake up again. The first signs of this are when the tree branches begin budding. Tiny little, beautiful buds appear. This is the sign that life is beginning to birth anew.

Spring is here and it is a time of growth and for colour. Soon Summer appears and everything is in full bloom with full vibrant colours; life is at its peak and amazing things are happening. All too soon, however, Autumn approaches, and the seasons change once again. The leaves darken and begin to fall. These are the natural transitions in life.

Our mood, for many of us, certainly reflects the seasons. In spring and summer life is aglow and we are filled with warmth and excitement. As Autumn begins its descent down on us we feel the change, the warmth is still there but we know that soon we will need to prepare and make ready for winter.

Winter:  the cold and the dark signifies a time to rest and prepare for what is to come. This is often the time many dread. Depression hits an all-time high around this period in the year. The changing seasons certainly have a lot to do with how we feel. But why is this? ( painting and prints available at

How the changing seasons affect us

Seasons, tides, lunar sequences, and social activity all affect us, and in different ways too. If you don’t believe me just think about how you respond on a hot sunny day. Some people love it others can’t stand it. The same is true with the cold and with brighter days and darker nights.

Look at the picture here. Some people would find this an exciting adventure; to go through a forest on a dark night. Others would find this spooky, scary, and the worst idea known to man.

We all respond in some way to the weather and to the changing of the seasons. When I look out of the window and see the beautiful blue sky of Summer my heart and mind jump for joy. Conversely, when I look out of my office window in Winter and see the rain and dark skies my heart can sink. For a long time, I was on a medication (for colitis) which caused many extreme side effects. One minute I was up and the next I was down. These ups and downs were also exacerbated by the weather.

We all know what we like and what we don’t like regarding the weather. On a side note, that is why, for many, Christmas can also be a time of great joy as it breaks the Winter up. Can you imagine 4 months straight of cold and wetness with nothing to break it up or to look forward to? This Winter period,  for many, can also be one of the toughest times of the year. For years it was for me too.

So why do we respond in such extreme ways depending on the weather?

Simple… the associations that we communicate to our brain. Our brains have been conditioned to send feelings through our bodies based upon the associations that we give it. If you love hot chocolate, Christmas, bonfires, snuggly nights in front of the fire, you will have a very different association compared to someone who remembers Winter as a time of sadness or loneliness.

Though these changes certainly can affect our mood, it can also be a time of great opportunity to learn and do something new so that when Spring appears again you are ready to bloom. If you are someone who hates Winter and finds this period very stressful, my advice would be to make a plan. Search out a focus and a goal for each month. Doing this helps the time pass much more quickly but also gives your mind a focus. If we aren’t focusing on the sadness of an issue, in this case, Winter, then our minds feel more energized, passionate, and excited about the day as opposed to being focused upon the cold, dark, and wet.


As always we hope this helps. Have an amazing day


Katie & John


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