See Scotland like never before

Join John and Katie as they take you on an amazing tour around the magical land of Scotland!

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This wonderful show gives fans of John Morris art the chance to see John's homeland, art and hear his music like never before.

The show was originally filmed in 2015 and has been digitally remastered and extended to create one of the most awesome Scottish documentary series that exists.

In this series, John and his lovely wife Katie will take you on a tour into the mountains, forests & waterfalls. They will teach you all about the Highland games, Haggis, origins of Kilts, clans, and castles.

Experience the thrill of seeing John Morris paint and share his unique gifts as fans can marvel at his early art work and hear his beautiful music. This is a show that fans of John will not want to miss. Sign up today.


Below you also have the opportunity to get to know the artist better, read blogs and even learn to paint with John in these beautiful full-art courses, that teach students, from all around the world how to paint stunning art pieces from start to finish. 

Client Love!

John and Katie, such lovely people. They do a great job in their documentaries and are such a great time. Highly entertaining and informative.

~Fiona Mclachlan

I never knew I could learn so much about Scotland from one show... WOW

~ Rory Rennault

From what I have seen, WOW you do not want to miss out on this.

~ Robby McCullough

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