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Painting those special moments and memories!

We love our furry friends and want to keep their memories, personalities, and profiles alive.

We have such special memories of them and want them to be seen by all our friends.

With a memory on canvas painting,  I ensure that you have a painting that not only will look amazing on your walls but that you will want to show off to all your friends.

Below is our gallery of previous work and even some of my favorite pieces and their stories.

Name: Fluffy
Date: 2017
Inspiration: This painting has been one of the most publicised paintings of all that has come through in the last decade. It is a simple one and would also be the standard by which others would be measured.
The simple black background that really boosts the subject. From this point forward, when a client would contact me regarding a painting, depending on the subject, I would usually recommend a dark background to elevate the subject. DSCN6019 69323822_2460988113993643_7592652720696197120_o


Name: The Chow Chow
Date: 2018
Inspiration: How much love and joy does your fluffy friend bring you?

Once I saw this beautiful photo I knew I wanted to paint it. It was a commission request which made it even more exciting. Creating a beautiful memory on canvas.

Name: Old man and his dog
Date: 2016
Inspiration: This one holds so many memories… Sadly I cant remember exactly where or when I was when this painting was commissioned or even where the person who commissioned it lived. One thing I can remember though is the love that this painting received from fans all over the world.

The simplicity of this painting and yet the powerful image that is created in this painting still blows my mind to this day. It tells an awesome story of “less is more.”


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