Don’t look back you’re not going there…

Just a quick teaching today folks!!! Have to get on with film editing….


A great many accidents happen due to people looking back.

Look where you are going not where you have been. If you do look back, do it at a time that is safe to do so and only look back for a short time.

There was a young girl who lived in Scotland. She was a fairly normal girl in the outside but a wild cold on the inside. A lot of the things that happen to all of us happened to her too. Growing up, change in friends, school, the way she looked and the music she listened to.

For some reason, she always felt what she had experienced was so bad and traumatic that she constantly felt the need to talk about it. One day after several months of chatting with her, I asked her, ” what happened in your past? ” ” I did silly things, got involved with gangs as a young child and just generally messed about. ” she didn’t describe anything out of the ordinary for so many teens, but one thing I did say to her was this. ” your past only becomes your future if you keep focusing on what you did. ” Whatever we focus upon we become. Over the course of the next few years I mentored this person, who made great progress. Sadly, when it was my time to leave and move on, she reverted back to her old ways. Only this time it was much worse.

Life is called progression and you can’t progress looking back. You can learn from it, recover from it and eventually move on from it. Look where you’re going, not where you’ve been.

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