Dont miss something amazing…

The importance of the little things… In our busy lives it’s easy to dash through each day with tunnel vision. We get up and our routine begins, have breakfast/gym, shower, work, come home, maybe study or crash on the couch and go to bed. We do this between 5-6 days a week for about 45+ years. Days travel by so quickly and if we are not careful we can miss so much that life has to offer.

In the world in which we live, we go to work to make a living, to provide for our families, to earn money for food and clothes and it can be easy to let that be our main focus. For many of us it is a constant worry. “Will I have enough money to cover my rent/mortgage? What happens if I get sick? What happens if the market crashes? While these are very real fears and concerns, that we carry around with us every day like some ten-ton anvil, there is so much more to life than this.

In all of life there must be balance. While it is important to work it’s also important to stop and take time out, to go into the mountains and see what adventures lay within those rocks, or a to view fast flowing stream with so much life teaming from within. There’s so much to be enjoyed if we only look for it. 
Last week I was in the back garden and thought… “in my final hours here on earth I’m not going to be thinking about the hundreds of painting that I’ve done over the years (can’t take those with me) or the money we’ve made (can’t take it with me, either.) but rather the only thing I will think is  ”God I hope I’m right with you and that I enjoyed what you gave me. ” I know many of you will stop reading at this point, but I ask you to read on if nothing more than just sheer idol curiosity at what I will say next. I say this not to fire a religious curve ball, but because that’s the only thing that is going from this life to the next. 

At the age of 30 I have been a believer for about 17 years now, and the older I get the more I think. To be truthful I spend most of my time in contemplation and meditation than anything else. Colitis forced me to slow down in some ways but gave energy for new ventures. You may understand why I am encouraging you today, to take time out to celebrate and enjoy the small things. Life’s small things can end up being something bigger than yourself and something very wonderful indeed.


The native Americans have a wonderful prayer which I would like to share with you. I have this by my bed side. This helps centre me and keep me focused on what really matters.


It is so easy to lose focus on what is important and to get caught up in all of the noise of this world and our day to day lives.

I just want to end with this. Life is short. I have a constant reminder of this and to do something special with my life that’s bigger than myself. Today’s lesson is this “Life’s small things can end up being something bigger than yourself and something very wonderful indeed.” What a wonderful place to be.


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