Enjoy the beauty of your very own custom family portrait painting

Enjoy the beauty of your very own custom family portrait painting

Family portrait painting!

Celebrate an amazing moment in time! with the ones you love


all on one canvas!

 Let John Morris create an amazing family portrait painting from your favorite photo.

You’ll cherish these custom paintings for years to come, just like the thousands of other happy customers.

Examples of my work below.

 Some of my favorite pieces and the stories behind them


Highland family

When a client is looking for an amazing gift for his wife and time is of the essence...

I remember this painting very well mainly due to the insanely fast turnaround that was required for it. My client had a special birthday coming up for his wife. He had spent ages trying to find the perfect gift.

A gift that was unusual and unique. He was fast running out of time. Then he saw one of our ads and contacted me. He was frantic and in a panic. Once he had calmed down I then walked through the process together, made suggestions on photo and style, and set to work. He was as cool as a cucumber, For us then the mad dash was about to begin.

We had two weeks to order the canvas, paint the picture, the drying process, sealing the art, and packing and dispatching the painting but (true to our word) we managed it and it was a sheer delight.

One wonderful family portrait painting later and a very, very happy ending to what could have been a nightmare for him.


My first time

This painting was my first. This is the one I lost my family painting virginity to.

I have to say it was a wonderful experience. My client Debra) was looking for an amazing painting, she also had her heart set on me being the one to paint it for her. She had amazing faith in me and so I agreed.

I have to say over a decade later and more than 1000 customs later this one still stands out. Its simplicity, symmetry, and personality of this piece mean so much to me and what's more, every member of the family fell in love with this painting too as each person's personality has been captured so well.
Another happy ending!


Father and son

A birthday gift with a difference.

Most men are hard to buy for. Why? Because we often don't know what we want or have everything that we need.

Gemma encountered this problem with her husband. Thankfully we had the solution. A custom portrait of his favorite moment with his son.

This picture tells an amazing story and one I loved re-creating for them. He received it, loved it, and still shares his love of this painting each time we speak.

Result!!! You guessed it, another happy ending. The perfect gift for the person when you don't know what to buy or for the person who has everything.

Why You Should Choose John

  • A master of providing the highest level of 1 on 1 customer service (no bots or robots.
  • Paintings are made with the highest quality acrylic paint to ensure they will not crack, yellow, fade, or give off harmful emissions.
  • Paintings are varnished to protect the artwork from debris and dust and enrich the colours
  • John always aims to make the process as fun and simple for clients to use as possible.
  • Listens to clients' needs and walks them step by step through the process of ordering a custom piece of art.
  • Proven track record with over 2000 clients worldwide
  • Fast and reliable service
  • Only a message away should you have any questions.
  • Free delivery/shipping worldwide.
Product Knowledge
Customer service
Clients Love Of The Painting Recieved

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