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Hi folks,


 Forgive me for not being in touch over the last couple of weeks,  Katie and I have been away filming the brand new series of the Artist Heart during our time in Slovenia.


 Now some of you may say ” John, what on earth is the artist heart?” Well, let me tell you but to do so I need to go back to 2011. The Artist heart, a simple show that was created about 7 years ago, that captures culture, music, travel and of course artwork.  The last series we did was back in 2016 and it was featured a northern Scotland tour. (Available on YouTube

It was the first time that Katie had been involved in the filming process and the first time we had been out to film on location. It was very well received, but sadly, with so many things going on and so much happening the artist heart never resurfaced.  There was so many plans and so many hopes for this show but unfortunately it just never reappeared… Until last year. 

Katie and I were in Northern Italy on holiday. Now I am a great believer in ceasing the opportunities when they arise, as they may only be on a one time offer. This new series of the artist happened purely by “chance.” I had taken the camera with me and during a morning walk thought “hmmm maybe it would be good to get some film of the place.” That morning something clicked in my mind. From that moment, I filmed and filmed and to make a nice changed filmed some more. 50Gb of data later and we had something to work with to begin putting a show together.

When I got home, I sat down to look at some of the footage recorded. A lightning storm and torrential downpour of our host town. The beauty of the mountains of Monte Baldo, the simple yet windy streets of Riva. Seeing the first glimpses of the video gave me hope that this series, could be above and beyond anything that was filmed in series 3.

lightning storm


Later on, this year you are going to get to see beautiful Italy in a way like you have never seen it before. The beauty of Malcesnine, The tropical waters of Riva, Limone and Lezise. Also, each week you will received your very own art lessons taught by yours truly.  These out lessons and paintings are going to capture some the beautiful places that we got to see such as Lake Garda, the beautiful Waters of Limone the storm we encountered in Lezise and a wide variety of other topics.

 Each class is broken down into simple steps that even if you’ve never painted before you’ll be able to follow along with.


 This series will hopefully will air around October time this year. But if you’re looking for some really awesome and exclusive content, you can head to to see an exclusive trailer for this brand-new series.

 There are so many shows, where the narrator has taken photos or videos and then narrated over the top to make it appear like they were there. Not us! We lived it and captured the footage first hand.


The purpose of the artist heart

 The artist help was created originally to reach out to you my wonderful audience.  But as time went on and involved and I got the opportunity to travel more, and I heard the same thing repeatedly ” oh I would love to go there but I can’t afford it.  Oh, I would love to go there but I’ve got too many kids or not enough time.”  that’s when we decided to put together a show that would bring the beauty of our locations to you.  They’re not only give you an overview be give you a real in-depth life like look at what life was really like in these places.  It was also created to offer simple art tutorials for folks who maybe wanted to small taster of what it was like to learn art with me.  There is of course an opportunity for those who want to go further to purchase our DVD

s or even take out online courses if they feel that they would like to take their art further and to that next level.


 Putting the show together has been one of my greatest passions over the last few series, and the funny thing about it now with every time Katie says to me in the summer wish you would go on holiday my immediate thought is where would be good for filming.

This show has taken on a life of its own and I ask that you support the show as much as possible by simply telling your friends. Other ways you can support the show is by donations or by just subscribing to our YouTube channel, so as never to miss any awesome teaching and videos that we share.

Italy, Lezise

It is our hope that series 4 (the Italy tour) will become something that our fans love and enjoy.


I was asked recently “What does it take to be a successful artist?”

My response “What does it take to be successful in the art business?  To be successful in the art business, you must eat it breathe and sleep it.  There’s a world of difference between a painter and an artist. I’m frequently asked what are the differences?  A painter paints when he or she feels like it.  An artist gets up every single day and gives everything they can to creating something new as an expression of themselves.

 However not all art is painting.  For example, Katie I have just returned from Slovenia, when we were filming series 5 of the artist heart.  A show the presents art, music, travel and Culture in a whole new light.  This series will probably be out next year at some point.  Currently I’m working on series 4, which took place last year.  And features the sights and sounds from Northern Italy.


 To be successful in the business you must be diverse, different and able to think outside of the box.  One of the things I love to present the most is film about artwork or music that touches the heart and imagination of all our fans. Plus, we are about to unveil a brand-new series of art that is expected to hit the market in a big way.

 Currently I’m sitting, going through about 110 GB of film footage.  Storing it correctly and making sure it’s safe in several different locations. (I can’t tell you how many people have come to me over the years and said that the only still there film in one place and that one place ended up with corrupted files and lost everything.  Save footage in multiple places!!!)


 Anyway,  I digress.  What it takes to be a successful artist is getting up every morning and being prepared for whatever life throws at you.  Being prepared to put in the work.”

I hope you love the show and this blog. Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions. Everyone is important.




 Anyway,  I digress.  What it takes to be a successful artist is getting up every morning and being prepared for whatever life throws at you.  Being prepared to put in the work.  

I hope you love the show and this blog. Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions. Everyone is important.





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