Framed prints

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Art prints - guaranteed to bring you & the ones you love

Light, Life and Love.

What are our mini prints?

Framed prints

In short, they are Art Prints of John's most popular paintings, available in miniature. Great for collecting without breaking the bank.

Fans of John's art will tell you how amazing they look and how wonderful they are to collect.

~ Butterfly in the sunset art print - art print is filled full of life, colour, and sophistication. The astounding print methods that we use to create all of the amazing colours and replicas of the original painting are such that it’s almost like being there in the mountains themselves.

~ Limited edition

~ Due to the size of the original painting this painting is only available in our square 50x50 cms print. this striking and captivating piece of art will brighten and create an amazing loose yourself experience in your life.

~ Comes with a certificate of authenticity and is ready to hang.

Mountain Art Available now.

Limited availability

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