Grandparent day! Custom painted portraits of the wisdom in the family

Grandparent day! Custom painted portraits of the wisdom in the family

Grandparent day, A celebration of a life filled with memories... I paint those special moments, on canvas for you.

 Let John Morris create a hand-painted grandparent art piece from your favorite photo.

You’ll cherish these custom paintings for years to come, just like the thousands of other happy customers.

Examples of my work below.

 Some of my favorite pieces and the stories behind them

lady 2

Lady of the ball

Paintings have the power to transform and to reunite.

This painting was commissioned by Lanny Mair, one of three sisters who had an extremely broken relationship. The only thing they shared love of was their grandmother ( Pictured)

Lanny's commissioning of this painting was a final effort to rebuild and reunite her family. I was nervous about such a project for sure, however, once I saw the reference photo and knew how much was weighing on this project going well I began painting.

Halfway through the painting process, I began to feel that this painting was coming to life and flowing naturally through me and I knew I was part of something very special.

several months after completion, I was informed that the painting had gone a long way towards rebuilding a troubled relationship and that harmony had been restored.

A wonderful way to celebrate grandparent day


One man and his dog

Painted all the way back in 2014, 'one man and his dog' has stood the test of time as one of my most popular grandparent art commissions ever.

This painting captures in a single moment the bond that two old boys share. This image has literally traveled all over the world and been responsible for helping me connect with new clients all over the world simply because of its simplicity and the story that it tells. A perfect way to celebrate Grandparent day

I think you'll agree that the story that you see is one of a very happy ending!


Happy Chap!


Inspiration: They say a smile can change the world but the smile of a grandad can last forever. This painting simply is wonderful. I love everything about it. From the detail in the hair, the cheeks, and the personality captured on canvas.

This was such a special painting to work on and forever will be one of my absolute favourite projects of all time.

Why You Should Choose John to create your grandparent art portraits

    • A commitment to providing the highest level of 1 on 1 customer service (no bots or robots.
    • Paintings are made with the highest quality acrylic paint to ensure they will not crack, yellow, fade, or give off harmful emissions.
    • Paintings are varnished to protect the artwork from debris and dust and enrich the colours
    • John always aims to make the process as fun and simple for clients to use as possible.
    • Listens to clients' needs and walks them step by step through the process of ordering a custom piece of art.
    • Proven track record with over 2000 clients worldwide
    • Fast and reliable service
    • Only a message away should you have any questions.
    • Free delivery/shipping worldwide.
Product Knowledge
Customer service
Ease of ordeing
Clients Love Of The Painting Recieved

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