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Guardian Angel music video

This is the last music video for the new CD.

There has been some really awesome feedback from those who have purchased the new CD so far and they love it… This song is called the Guardian Angel. It was filmed in -2 conditions but felt like -8 with the wind chill. Being the insane genius that I am, I thought it would be a good idea to go and film outside at about 6:30 am… Soooooo… I really hope you love and appreciate the sacrifice that went into¬†this one. It was so cold that as you will see in the video, I ended up strumming the guitar with my hand wide open as I could not close it.


If you love the song then why not purchase our new album from https://www.johnmorrisartfromtheheart.com/product/the-memory-road/Every CD sold on the website, comes sigend by yours trully (You never know)

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