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Herbie the love bug

Herbie the love bug.

As a child, like many of us I fell in love with Disney’s creation of Herbie.  The sweet Innocence the beautiful landscapes and the joyful characte rs.  All captured my heart and imagination.  In fact,  when Herbie The Love Bug had finished, I would rewind the video (Yes I’m old enough to remember videos) and probably watch it over and over again.

 25 years later,  after the first time I initially watched Herbie the love bug,  I decided that I wanted to do an amazing series fan art.  Now this can cause problems,  due to licensing  and copyright issues.  See,  art work,  books and  photographs  all carry copyrights.  This basically means,  without agreement by the copyright holder  the image or intellectual property remains with the owner it cannot be tampered with and can end up causing severe legal disputes. To avoid all this,  I contacted Disney to see if I could get a licence to create this series of three paintings.  While I waited I would have to keep this painting strictly as fan art. Not for sale, only to be enjoyed.
 So that’s where we’re at the moment,  hopefully Disney will get in touch and allow me to use the intellectual property of Herbie to continue creating this series,  but in the meantime I wanted to share with you the process that I went through and using a projector to project this image.
Herbie the love bug

Herbie the love bug

If you don’t know the story of Herbie basically, “race car driver Jim Douglas (Dean Jones) and his philosophical mechanic, Tennessee Steinmetz (the wonderful Buddy Hackett), find themselves in possession of a white Volkswagen Beetle that seems to have a mind and spirit of its own. Calling the car Herbie, Jim and Tennessee become the talk of the California racing circuit — much to the displeasure of sports-car dealer Peter Thorndyke (David Tomlinson), who tries to use his assistant (Michele Lee) to come between the friends and their car.” Great story to work with eh?
So what inspired me to all of a sudden paint a series of Herbies? It was after Katie and I watched Mary Poppins where we saw the wonderful actor David Tomlinson I had an urge to watch Herbie. During the film my creative juices began spinning.  So at 2 am I began playing with different photos, before creating an image or 3 that I was desperate to paint.

So as promised as  friends of art from the heart, you get exclusive content, such as the first preview of painting 1 of Herbie. The love bug and also the progression shots from the creating of the painting itself. 

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