Have you ever wanted to build a successful art business?

Are you struggling to find work?

Struggling to figure out how to set up a business online?

Have success with your art business but want to take it to the next level?

Wanting to learn how to make money with your art?


How about... are you wanting to learn from an artist who has made money in the art business? Not just a little but a full-time living!


Join internationally renowned artist John Morris as he unpacks the questions that artists are asking, gives support to those who are struggling to figure out their next step and will help you on your road to building a successful art business.

For nearly 2 decades, John has built up a successful art business. He teaches, sells original and commissioned art, coaches artists who are struggling with how to find their focus.

He has seen many changes in the online world over the years and has an immense amount of experience to share.

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