Happy international dogs day to you all.

International dogs day, a celebration of life. Answer this for me…how much do you love your fur baby? How much do they mean to you? How much are they a part of your life and family? Over the years http://www.paintourpet.com has seen some of the most awesome custom art pieces of all time. From tiny little dogs to the biggest breed in the dog kingdom, The wolf, Today is the day where we celebrate our furry friends. Their amazing personalities, fuzz and cuteness, and also a day where I can share with you some of the coolest stories from dog owners all across the world.

Welcome To The Dog House…

One of the things I have come to learn over the years is that… “we love our furry friends and want to keep their memories, personalities, and profiles alive.” Every single brushstroke, eye highlight, and fur technique painted goes towards creating these amazing memories on canvas. (Click here to see how it’s done… https://www.johnmorrisartfromtheheart.com/how-to-paint-fur-on-a-wolf/ Speaking of memories, as anyone who has ever had a dog knows, we have such special memories of them, we take great pride in them and want them to be seen by all our friends. This is how “Memories on canvas was born” With a memory on canvas painting,  I always wanted to ensure that each client I worked with would have a painting that not only would look amazing on their walls but also, something amazing that they would want to show off to all their friends.

And so our story begins…

Our story this week begins with a special dive into the world of pet painting. Last week I shared with you how and why our business began. Today I want to share with you a few of my favorite furry projects of all time. DSCN6019


Commissioned in June of 2017, this painting has been one of the most publicised paintings of all that has come through in the last decade. It is a simple one and would also be the standard by which others would be measured. Ali Kerr, a fan and friend of our business sent me a message on Facebook, to enquire if it would be possible to create a painting of her beautiful fur baby who was no longer with us. Upon seeing this photo, I leaped at the chance. I couldn’t wait to get my paintbrushes out, canvas prepped, and to begin creating this amazing pooch on canvas. To say that we were both amazed and in awe by the finished painting would be an understatement. It was a delight that gave birth to new and exciting methods and practice opportunities going forward. One thing that I always remember is the simple black background that really boosts the subject. Black is a great subject booster. It was first used in 2017 and from that point forward, whenever a client would contact me regarding a painting, I would usually recommend a dark background to elevate the subject.


Chow Chow

From 2018, this is a memory that I can only describe as “a delight to my heart.” The layout of this composition, style, and subject requested, positively still leaves me with a smile upon my face. As I look at this painting I can still feel the emotion that this painting brings. The love that Chow has for his teddy bear, the comfort that he is enjoying while laid upon his favorite blanket. I remember this painting being a small one, 10×12 in size, however, in this instance this is a little painting that is packed with tons of life, light, and detail. International dogs day is proud to have this painting as a celebration of this Chow’s amazing life.  






 71753810_2537067433052377_3368528543716737024_oOld man and his dog

All the way back in 2016, this beautiful commission came to life. This painting tells an incredible story. A story of the bond that man and dog have had all the way through time. It is a bond that teaches, despite the language barrier sometimes words are no needed to communicate just how much one can love another. This art piece holds so many amazing memories… From laying out the canvas to developing the background to putting the final highlights upon the eyes and fur. Sadly I cannot remember exactly where or when I was when this painting was commissioned or even where the person who commissioned it lived. One final thing I will always remember though is the love that this painting received from fans all over the world. The simplicity of this painting and yet the powerful image that is created in this painting still blows my mind to this day. It tells an awesome story of “less is more.” International dog’s day is so much more than just another day. It is a day, created to celebrate the love that we share with our fur babies. It is a day to celebrate fur, skin, and the joy of being together.  






Paint our pet

If you are interested in owning your very own “John Morris art from the heart memory on canvas painting” get in touch with me today at http://www.paintourpet.com  Click the link to see more awesome work and a video on how I put them together.

Teaching others

My art business has many branches, not only in painting pets, people, landscapes, seascapes and so much more, but also in teaching www.outreachart.org is fast becoming the only place to be in regard to learning the art. In fact, the painting above was featured in one of our tutorials, which I would love to share with you now… It’s free – Just click here… Pets have an amazing way of lighting up our lives, making us smile and finding a permanent snuggle place in the center of our hearts. As a child, I had a beautiful dog called Lucy, she was amazing. I miss her dearly. Maybe one day I will be able to find a photo to share with you all. This sounds like a fun way to end today, so thank you for reading, have an amazing day.   Until next time, take care and God bless.   I’ll see you on the other side   John

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