Jake the snake Roberts

Part one.
Inspired by one of the most influential minds not only in wrestling but also in the world. Jake had the power to capture an audience with nothing more than a whisper.

The way he used his body, hair, voice left an indelible imprint on our world. Jake battled his demons and thankfully has come through it and it is our pleasure to present to you our painting of Jake the snake Roberts.
Section 1.
A base coat of black paint is layered on the canvas and then left to dry. Once dry the base colours of Jakes face is added as is the moustache and hair outline.

Part II… Once the base has been layered in and allowed to dry, the first layer of skin and snake skin is painted in using a combination of small brushes and flesh tones.

At this point if I was going for a Halloween themed painting I would stop, as he looks like zombie Jake lol. This is perfectly normal when using a black background base.

Part III. Once the zombie layer has dried, skin tones were mixed, and the blending process began.

This is the point that the first details began to be added. Small brushes including a small filbert brush and blender brush is used to achieve the desired effect.

The liner brush. the particularly useful for adding snake tones to Damian and hair to Jake.

Part IV…

Adding a blue background, helps the colours to pop right off the canvas.
When adding any background, the artist should always be aware of how it will affect the subject and keeping in mind what the desired effect will be

Just for you and your viewing pleasure you can see the full painting/tribute video of Jake the snake Roberts tomorrow 25/10/2018.



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