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Making a change

Hey! Hey! Hey! 

Hoping you are having a great start to an awesome week. 


Last week I was sharing with you how what we think, what we watch/listen to and read directly affects our mood, decisions, focus, choices etc. 

Well today I want to share with you… WHAT DO I DO NOW? It’s one thing knowing this information about how what we let into our lives affects us, but how do we make a change? 


For example, have you ever been to church, a business meeting or had a mentor, and what they said/taught you during your time with them was really awesome stuff. Just blew you out of the water with excitement and you made a ton of notes and positive steps. Then what happens? You go home and reality kicks in. Before you know it, you’re back to the same drudge and grind, or problems that overwhelmed you before. The notes and good ideas (the lifeline) is usually the first thing that gets thrown into the cupboard and you maybe see it again in a year or two when cleaning out. By that time any momentum that you had from the teaching has gone because things that are set in motion stay in motion, things that stop simply die. 

So it’s important to take action. One of the things I was taught many times by Kat Stutz and Tony Robbins among others, was to take massive action. What that means is, figure out where you want to be and work backwards. For example: 


“I want to be a tattoo artist” 

Awesome but now how are you going to get there? 

The steps could be: 

  • Go to art school 
  • Practice every day the right (that’s important, it won’t work as well if you practice the wrong ones) technique’s 
  • Get a job to make some money 
  • Try and shadow an existing tattoo artist company, for work experience 
  • Speak to the bank for a loan or, the preferred method, work part time and the rest of the time work on being a tattoo artist, that way you have two streams of income flowing in. Initially business may be quieter as you begin but you still have an income stream flowing in. 
  • Keep in mind what the goal is, to be a full time tattoo artist, earning X amount each month/ year, and use the same process I have just shown you to work out how to make that X amount each month/year. 


The important thing is always to take action whenever you are motivated and not to let things die. This will work in your health, business, relationships etc. The clearer you can become about what you want to achieve, the more possible it seems. 

Have a great week guys and check back with me next week. 

Anything you would like me to write about regarding this subject or questions that you have 


Please just drop me a message.  



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