Military portraits – A celebration for those who have served our lands

Military portraits – A celebration for those who have served our lands

Military portraits. A celebration of those who have served our lands to make sure we are safe in our homes!

 Let John Morris create hand-painted military portraits from your favorite photo. You’ll cherish these custom paintings for years to come, just like the thousands of other happy customers.

Examples of my work below.

 Some of my favorite pieces and the stories behind them

old solderlogo

The young server

This painting means a great deal to me. It was commissioned by a dear friend of mine from Canada in 2015.

Melissa contacted me after seeing my other work (I was just starting to attain worldwide exposure and she would be my first favorite client in Canada.)

She presented me with the idea of painting her father in his service uniform. When I saw the reference photo, I was blown away. The handsome good looks and chiseled features of this man. who was ready to serve his country simply blew me away.

I knew I had to do this painting, it was as if destiny had led me to this moment.

The photo that you see is the piece as it has literally been completed. The paint is still wet upon the canvas. When I stood back from him, I was just amazed at how even though I'd never met him I could feel such a connection to his mind and soul.

I presented it to Melissa. She loved it, our audience (to this day) loves it and I have to say I love how the finished piece came out.

A very happy end to an amazing story.


The last moment

The last moment is a really special painting for me. I have often said that 'I don't just paint pictures I connect with them!'

This one still has a deep place in my spirit nearly a decade since I painted it.

This painting was recreated from a photo. The photo was the last one taken of this man before he paid the ultimate price for his country.

I wonder what he was thinking? Normally I'm very good at being able to read a person however, in this instance I never have been able to. I do know that he was underground when this photo was taken and the poppy on the top right of the painting was placed there by request of my client.

This painting will certainly keep his memory alive. Thank you for your heart.


Off to war

The eyes are the windows to the soul. This painting captures so visually how a person could feel going off to war.

The man in this picture is one of the millions that went off to fight during WW2. It was commissioned by a lady in England in 2017.

I love the simplicity of this painting. The head and shoulders shot that was recreated to allow the viewer to really connect with the man of service.

I also love the black and white style of the painting. Simple and yet so effective. The reference photo for this piece was badly damaged so to create this painting for her was a wonderful opportunity, privilege, and honour.

This painting is one I still look back on with happy memories.

Why You Should Choose John

  • A master of providing the highest level of 1 on 1 customer service (no bots or robots.
  • Paintings are made with the highest quality acrylic paint to ensure they will not crack, yellow, fade, or give off harmful emissions.
  • Paintings are varnished to protect the artwork from debris and dust and enrich the colours
  • John always aims to make the process as fun and simple for clients to use as possible.
  • Listens to clients' needs and walks them step by step through the process of ordering a custom piece of art.
  • Proven track record with over 2000 clients worldwide
  • Fast and reliable service
  • Only a message away should you have any questions.
  • Free delivery/shipping worldwide.
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