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Mini Prints

Mini Prints 


“Adding a touch of class to any home.”

Hi folks, I am really excited (to announce, the long awaited return of  our mini prints series!

Back in 2013 we had a run of really sweet,cute and fun mini prints that fitted perfectly, on fire places, bookshelves and walls. Adding a special touch and experience to your walls.

Sadly the supplier who provided the frames went out of business and with it that much loved branch of our business.

Try as we might we could not source frames that we felt captured the heart and imagination of Art from the Heart.  That was…until now.

Our brand new deep frames, which are available in black or white and in a variety of sizes, capture the personality of Art from the Heart. This classy, bright and very colourful series of framed prints, adds so much life and light into anyones home.

I am very proud to bring this product to light with Series one of my work. Available both indivudually or as a set this series features some of my personal favourite projects… The world famous Red Blossom Tree, The highly coloured and detailed Before the stars box canvas seascape, Murtle the Turtle and his under the sea friends and ofcourse the first seascape to ever sell that I painted, the aptly named “Peace” are all available in series one of our mini prints.

Series one mini prints click here

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