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New Paintings

Awesome new paintings 


Whenever an artist announces that he or she has new art work on the way it’s always exciting. For me I share the excitement when putting together new art work. I always like to think about the happy smiles on the kids and adults faces when they see the work I have labored over.  

I know that our wonderful community, like the bright, deep and meaningful scenes that they see. So, I take that in my mind when I paint and aim to develop the ideas and styles further each time. 


With that in mind I’m delighted to present to you some of our new pieces and a little bit about them. 


London’s calling

This painting was one that originally began as a plain silhouette with a purple sky and some water… Doesn’t sound very exciting does it? However, once the base is laid, I then took several months to look at it and develop the ideas, adding bits and pieces every now and then. Lampposts, lights, the clock and most recently the Phone Box that many seem to confuse with DR Who’s Tardis.                                                                                                                                           The finishing touch and cu de gra was when the varnish was added. Varnish creates a clear seal over the top of the art work, which boosts the colour incredibly, Kkeeping the deep colours deep and the bright colours bright. London’s calling is by far one of my favourite paintings of 2018. Hoping you enjoy it too. For ordering information just click here.

Big Ben Box print

Big Ben Original

Prints are also available


One love                                                                        

One love is a long canvas painting from a while ago that has just been completed. The story behind this painting is the tale of two lovers; they grew up together, spend their teen years together, but when college came, they moved apart. They still wrote to one another and enjoyed their friendship but one day the letters just stopped coming. The man sat and wondered why his lady, his best friend, just stopped writing. In her last letter she had talked about how much she missed him, then all of a sudden, nothing… (This was long before mobile phones and Facebook) 

Years later, in this very park with the sky line of New York in the distance, they met. The sun was just setting but it was clear that it was him. She approached and told him the most amazing story of her life…but the story didn’t matter. The most important thing was that they had found each other again.  

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As Christmas draws near, we have gift ideas available for you just to add to that wonderful Christmas magic.   


Flying over the mountains           

This painting was created to celebrate the fun and love that we have for the tradition of Christmas.  Imagine being in this wonderful location for Christmas, looking out of your log cabin window up to the top of the snowcapped mountain when you see reindeer and Santa flying over the mountains, silhouetted by the moon. All of a sudden you feel excitement, joy and the magic of Christmas come to life.  

This canvas, now varnished, captures love, fun and excitement that many of us felt as children. It’s sometimes a fun place to revisit each year and relive the joy that Christmas brings.  


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