New Shows

New shows

In this ever-changing world we are always looking to present our wonderful audience with something new and fresh. As always, we try to present shows that you love and look forward to each week. With this in mind it’s our delight to present to you four new shows that will air on YouTube in 2018-2019.


Art tips with John

Have you ever asked the question “How much should I price my art work for?” Or “Which materials are best for my desired art?” “How do I know which art I want to do?” These are some of the most popular questions that I get asked by students all the time. So, I wanted to put together a weekly show called Art tips with John, which will focus on art tips to help you grow your art business and develop your artistic skills.

First show airs on 24/10/2018


The Artist

Ever seen the show “Breaking the Magicians code?” My show The Artist was inspired by this several years ago. They say timing is everything and now is the time to present it to the world.
A show that reveals painting tutorials with a silent character known only as “The Artist”. Each week we will aim to dazzle our audience with never before seen painting tutorials featuring, Castle in the Mountains, Waterfalls at Sunset and Optical Illusion.

Join in the fun on Fridays at 7:30 Pm GMT


The Artist Heart series 4 from Italy and series 5 From Slovenia

Travel, Culture, Art and Music. This show has it all. Our most celebrated filmography creation. If you’ve ever wanted to see the sun and the sand of Italy or experience Lake Bled or Bled cake from the comfort of your own home, then these are the shows for you.

Plus, you will also get to see in its entirety, a full painting tutorial. Featuring locations from the places visited.  That and so much more on the Artist Heart.

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