This is a question for serious artists only... Have you ever wanted to build a successful art business?

Are you struggling to get regular orders?

Struggling to figure out how to set up a business online?

Wanting to learn how to make money with your art?

Join John Morris as he spends a week teaching you step by step all that you will need to know to run a successful art business. For nearly 2 decades, John has built up a successful art business. He teaches, he sells and the coaches all through the online business he has built up. He has seen many changes in the online world over the years and has an immense amount of experience to share.

Topics covered include:

  • Getting started
  • How to create a product line
  • How to deal with difficult customers
  • A great session on sales training
  • How to create Facebook ads and pages
  • How to create an Etsy store.
  • Sales funnels and what they are
  • That and so much more in this awesome course.

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Teaching all for all ages and abillities


Outreach Art is the teaching tool for every ability.

From beginners to passionate painters, develop and learn art techniques and skills from the location of your choosing.

Once you have downloaded your chosen art course, it is yours to keep, replay and use to develop your artistic skills. 

With such a diverse range of courses available and new ones being developed constantly, we are confident you will find plenty to suit your style, learning needs, and skill level.

John Morris Coaching Services

Not just a coach but a mentor.

Do you lack motivation, confidence or want guidance on how to run your art business?

Why not hire a coach who has a proven track record in the art business.

Why not hire John as your personal coach?


Brand new for 2020!

Woman holding empty board for advertsiting

So you love art, but art materials are sooo expensive...

At outreach art, we have researched the market and have pulled our connections from the North, South, East, and West to provide some amazing art supplies that won't cost the earth.

All art supplies have been tried and tested not just by me but also by my art students to make sure that we provide and recommend the best art supplies for your pound/dollar!

Meet the team


John Morris

John Morris has a mind made for art. He is always working on a new project! John has combined his talent for painting with his love of history to produce the educational, informative and fun courses you can access here at Outreach Art.

John has been producing commissioned work for clients across the globe for 13 years. His ability to capture beauty and movement with paint is one to behold.

John is driven to ensure that everyone with a love of Art has access to teaching, regardless of ability, skill and experience. Outreach Art is his brainchild and his ambition is to enable everyone to have the oportunity to enjoy learning and creating.

John and Katie-13

Katie Morris

With a background in teaching, Katie has a passion for ensuring people have access to quality learning material. We strive to make this Outreach Art an easy service for you to use.

Katie works to ensure Outreach Art provides our clients with the highest level of care. The vision of the organisation is one that is close to her heart and she is dedicated to supporting your needs as our client.

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