Flying over the mountains



Flying over the mountains   

High in flight – Santa and all his reindeer are making their trip around the world, bringing toys to girls and boys from all walks of life.

Celebrate that special night with this beautiful, bright and exciting work of art.

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Size: 16×20 inch Canvas board

    This painting was created to celebrate the fun and love that we have for the tradition of Christmas.  Imagine being in this wonderful location for Christmas. Looking out of your log cabin window up to the top of the snowcapped mountain you see reindeer and Santa flying over the mountains, silhouetted by the moon. All of a sudden you feel excitement, joy and the magic of Christmas come to life.  

This canvas, now varnished, captures love, fun and excitement that many of us felt as children. It’s sometimes a fun place to revisit each year and relive the Joy that Christmas brings.  



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