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This painting was designed to teach students all over the world the joy of painting. It’s sad that many who want to paint and express themselves creatively. However, many live in fear of getting it wrong, or what others may think. In this DVD I want to teach you step by step how to unlock your creative talent, that you too, may be able to paint like me and release what is inside of you.


Have you ever wanted to paint something beautiful but feel OVERWHELMED?

Then I’m here to help! I teach simple and fun tutorials that anyone with a little imagination can follow and paint.

The Introduction to painting course

​For over 15 years John has been thrilling fans all over the UK, USA, and Canada and now you can see him in action like never before. For the first time, join John as he teaches you how to  paint.

Taught in a relaxed, step by step mannor, learn how to paint your very own painting and unleash your creative talent.

In this  course you will learn:

  • Creating perspective and distance
  • How to paint:
  • Mountains,
  • Reflections
  • Waterfalls
  • trees and so much more!​

“How to create a painting from start to finish is one of the best courses he has ever put together” 

But don’t just take our word for it here’s what some of our students had to say:​

“When i began painting, I only came because my husband wanted me to. I preferred embroidery or cross stitch patterns. But in just a few short weeks I’m amazed at what John has taught and what I have been able to create”

~Jean~ ​

“Fun and straight forward tutorials that are simply amazing”


“When i began I had already done pointillism with another art teacher but John, in such a short space of time took what it would take most art teachers a year to teach and broke it down into simple and easy to  follow steps. Highly recommend him for anyone looking to learn to to build on what they already know!”


“Because my husband has began on dialysis I was very limited as to what I could do. Then I discovered John’s online course and fell in love with the course and the teaching. Honestly this is one of  the best courses I have ever experienced.”

       ~Krris~                                      ​

Introduction to painting online course with me as your personal tutor!

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Introduction to art DVD

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John Morris

Troon Scotland


Whether you’re a beginner, or an experienced painter, the Art from the Heart School of art  has much to offer.

Our lessions are designed with simplicity in mind. Unlike many courses and Art schools who seem to over complicate things with academic speech and technical term knowhow. Our courses are designed in a way that is laid back fun and will get you seeing results right from the very first class.

As i have found over the years “artistic” abillity is within the majority of our students it just needs room to grow and the confidence to express itself and I can promise you you will be amazed and what you can achieve.​

I have worked with students from all ages and backgrounds: Youths, professionals, retired and families and all have had tremendous fun with our courses. This is also something that the whole family can do together.​


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