One Love original painting


ONE LOVE               

Acrylic on canvas

Size 60×20

Deep canvas 3d effect.

One love, a long canvas painting from a while ago, that has just been completed. The story behind this painting is the tale of two lovers. They grew up together, spend their teen years together but when college came, they moved apart. They still wrote to one another and enjoyed their friendship. One day the letters just stopped coming. The man sat and wondered why the lady, his best friend, just stopped writing. In their previous letter she had talked about how much she missed him. Then all of a sudden, nothing… (This was long before mobile phones and Facebook) 

Years later, in this very park,  with the sky line of New York looking on they met. The sun was just setting but it was clear that it was him. She approached and told him the most amazing story of her life… The story didn’t matter the most important thing was that they had found each other again.


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