Paradise lost 20×20 inch embellished print



I have always loved the mountains. Some of my happiest times have been spent in Colorado at Estes part, the Isle of Arran and the Lake district.

This beautiful painting was inspired by the land and the cultures that I have gotten to experience. I wanted to begin this painting with a whole new palette. In the past, many paintings make use of a deep colour palette of the rich colours. This time I wanted to work with a more pastel like palette which would allow me to explore new techniques and ideas.

During my journey I learned many things. How the water flows at high altitude, how to create far away mountains with just enough detail to contribute to the story and how to use colder colours to evoke emotions into the story.

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Artist Proof embellished prints.


Artist ProofsEmbellished PrintsArtist Proofs are manufactured using professional-grade archival inks and printed on fine art acid-free canvases. The surface of each print is individually reworked by John Morris in his studio and finished with a signed unique signature on the back to create an Embellished Artist’s Proof

Print sizes:

20×20 inch

Stretched canvas

Comes ready to hang



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