The Land of ancient China


The Land of ancient China


Going back in time, to a time and culture that was and still is very different to our own.

This beautiful painting was inspired by the land and the culture. I am currently filming a brand-new series of art tutorials called “Art through the ages” which will feature 10 key periods of time. Ancient China is just one of them.

During my journey I learned many things. Did you know that aspiring artists begin with calligraphy then copying, before they are let loose on their own creations?

Or that there are many different types of brushes but only two categories: Calligraphy and painting. Or the true story behind how calligraphy came to be.

In our new series we will not only be teaching you how to create your very own amazing art work but also some of the history behind the cultures and times.

This painting is the first in our journey and I am so excited to encounter, study and visit more of these wonderful places.

Email for prices on the original work.

Artist Proof embellished prints.


Artist ProofsEmbellished PrintsArtist Proofs are manufactured using professional-grade archival inks and printed on fine art acid-free canvases. The surface of each print is individually reworked by John Morris in his studio and finished with a signed unique signature on the back to create an Embellished Artist’s Proof

Print sizes:

20×20 inch

Stretched canvas

Comes ready to hang



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