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Round hole-square peg

Have you ever felt like you are a square peg trying to fit into a round hole? 

Or worse, someone else is trying to fit you into their mould of what they think you should be and what you should do. 


I have been there many times. That’s where the idea for the Red Blossom Tree (RBT) came from. 


If you feel that you just don’t fit don’t worry. You were never meant to. You were meant to be someone special and someone who does great things. 


As a reminder of this we are offering 8×10 sized framed prints that you can have in your home to remind you that you are unique and you have a very special gift, even if you don’t feel that you are.. You are you for a reason. Only you can be you. 


All our prints are made with the highiest quality materials and come ready hang or to free stand. 

just click to order yours today; 


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