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So… you have hit the creative block

As creative minds, the creative block is one of the things we fear most. We ask ourselves questions such as; “What if this is it and I never get another idea? Or, what do I do now?” These are real questions and real issues that we have to face in everyday life.

However today I want to encourage you with 3 simple steps that I think will help you.

The first thing I want you to do is take a breath. 

Breathing is important as it re-focuses you. It is the centre of our human lives. If there is no breath there is no life. When we get out of focus and worried our breathing becomes irregular which means we aren’t getting the same amount of oxygen flow to our hearts and brains, which is essentially our core. Imagine trying to use a computer with electricity that fluctuated.

Breathing will also help you to re-focus and calm you down. The technique to this is Breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth slowly. Breathe in for a count of two then pause, breathe in again for a count of two, pause and top up your breath again for a count of two. When breathing out, breath out for a count of six. Slowly. Adjust this breathing technique to your own lung capacity.  Adding meditation music can also help refocus your mind. This is a technique I use regularly. (Note, I am not a trained yoga or breathing expert. I can only share with you the techniques that I have learned and work for me.)

Know that this isn’t the end

Sometimes when we have been going hard and long, burning the candle at both ends, our minds eventually are exhausted. We can’t go any further. If you’ve been in this business for a while or as long as me, then you will know that we go through spells of being creative and feeling on fire and other times where we just want to hide away and shut ourselves off from the world. Sometimes we can’t choose when these times come. There have been many times in my life where I have wanted to keep going but my mind and energies just couldn’t go any further.

An additional thing to remember is that when we try to keep going when our body is saying “STOP!!!” we often times fail to produce our best work due to having nothing left to give. Don’t beat yourself up. You are just like me… HUMAN… We can only do so much. Which leads me to my final piece of advice.


Take some time out.

For about 10 years of my life I worked beyond belief. I know many folks will say this but to give you an example, from 2010 – 2016 I was studying for a degree, running (what I believe was) the largest youth group in south Ayrshire and other youth work activities and also building Art from the Heart. A normal day for me was around 16 hours 7 days a week for most weeks.

I think I may have been crazy. Then I got married. This was a good thing. There is so much more to life than just working all the time. When we start out, especially in this business it is so hard. Long hours are needed, and a great portion of time is dedicated to figuring out what the heck we are meant to be doing.

These days and 14 years since I began this business, I now make sure to take the weekends off as much as I possibly can. Sometimes, painting or video editing or maybe even a blog needs to be done but on the whole, I do get to take a weekend off to rest and refocus. That’s where it hit me. It’s good and necessary to take time out. We do better when we are rested. We enjoy work more. We are more productive.

If you want to get past the creative block it is essential to refocus and do other things. This is where the inspiration comes from. Ideas float along on the breeze. If we are too busy working and trying to stretch ourselves too far, we can miss these ideas or worse, we can break.

Folks, I have been in that place where the mind is so vulnerable that it breaks, and we have melt downs and it isn’t fun.

Look after yourself, that is your responsibility. To live in balance and look after your own health. In doing so you will be far more productive in your day to day comings and goings.

Many, including myself of the past are afraid of taking time off as they feel that if they do, they may miss that all important sale or conversation with a client tha

t will change everything. I agree, however if they are really going to change everything for you then they will still be there on Monday morning. If they are not, then it probably wasn’t the right thing for you.

Does this help? How do you react to the creative block? Are there any questions you have about this topic? Just comment in the box below and I will get back to you ASAP.


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