Terms and Conditions

What you can expect working with me

Every effort is made to ensure that the customer receive a piece of art that you love and cherish. Therefore, once an order has been placed there are several steps that lead to the work being completed:

  • A clear photo must be provided by the customer to work from, and agreed upon by John.

  • On all art work, a 50% deposit must be paid and received by AFTH before the work begins. This is non-refundable so please be sure you want artwork commissioned by AFTH BEFORE paying this deposit.

  • The work will commence and a few photos of the project, in its various stages of construction, will be sent to you to keep you updated. This allows for any changes you might like to be made BEFORE the work is completed and then dispatched, meaning you get the best work possible.

  • A quote/ agreement of a project is valid for 30 days. Should this time expire a new agreement will need to be created.
  • Where original paintings of John’s are commissioned, working from a concept agreed on by you the customer and John, photos will be sent to keep you updated on its progress.

  • Once the work is completed, John will show you the work and once it has been agreed on and any changes made, the product must then be paid for in full BEFORE it is dispatched.

  • Payment plans are available for paintings at John’s discretion. The art you have selected will be kept in the care of AFTH until paid in full. The work will then be dispatched to you. (For full information, read below in the disclaimer section.)

  • Every effort will be made to create a great likeness from the photo provided. The checklist for this is:
  • Does the painting bare an accurate likeness of the photo supplied?
  • Has it been painted to a standard that John believes to be of his high standard? (Taking into account for current abilities and skills)


  • AFTH is a trade specialising in painted works of art on an ‘as seen’ basis. As such, after any given commission is agreed upon and paid for BEFORE dispatch, it is then sent out to the customer. Refunds beyond the dispatch point are not possible.

  • BEFORE dispatch, if you DO NOT agree to the work being sent out and are not happy with the end product, no further payment will be taken.

  • Refunds beyond dispatch and payment are not given where the customer changes their mind about the work done by AFTH.

  • All deposits are non-refundable.

  • Should you commission a painting and request to pay by installments, and thereafter change your mind, all money received by AFTH is non-refundable, up to and including the value of a 50% deposit of the work.


  • In the unlikely event, there has been damaged in transit by a courier, and your work arrives in a damaged state, AFTH will do it’s best to rectify the problem.

  • All communications between AFTH and the customer are logged and recorded.

  • In the case of a dispute, a third party will be contacted to review the case.

  • Where a date has been agreed for the completion of any given commission and dispatch, it is up to AFTH to ensure that the correct delivery option is included in the overall cost of the work. AFTH is therefore not liable for any situation where the suitable postage results in a late arrival.