The black cat’s diary

My name is Cooper, I’m a black cat and this is The black cat’s diary

I live with the artist known as John and the piano teacher known as Katie.

Both Katie and John work from home.

Katie teaches piano online to children and adults from all over and of all ages,

John teaches paints, films and does a whole array of stuff in the art world.

I am very happy and content on the whole. However, the other day John left the office door open. I jumped up onto his chair to spin around and then take a nap.

When I got up on his chair, I saw he had left some blank page thing called “Word” open, so I began to play about and walk on the keyboard.

Quickly I found that I was having fun and a thought occurred to me, “If I could speak would anyone listen?”

We cats, understand human voices very well, we just choose when we will answer. For some reason, though, you humans do not seem to be able to understand the simple cat language that we speak. Only when we show you what we need do you understand.

Maybe humans, just aren’t as advanced as us.

Anyway, I wanted to tell you my story, You can read all about me here… But right now Here’s a week in my life…


Dear diary

I have decided to keep a journal of all the exciting things that I get up to. I call it, The black cat’s diary

I hope it will give you a laugh, make you think and even as the big question…why?

My day began, like so many do with me waking up on my big bed, in a heap of fur. I sleep in a suitcase. Hey, if Katie didn’t want me to sleep in it, she wouldn’t have put it on my bed.

I’m a good cat though, even though the case was filled with her summer clothes, I just slept in the open lid.

So my first port of call was to wash. It’s coming close to summer so every time I lick myself I feel like I’ve just cleaned out the fluff filter from the washing machine using only my tongue.

I then got up and decided I wanted food. John was in the office so, I jumped into the office window to keep him company and. to smell the fresh air coming from the window that was on the latch I tried to push it open further but couldn’t.

John was busy working and not giving me attention, so to show my displeasure, I sneezed upon the window… It dribbled.

Katie out of bed, finally, my food bowl was filled.

All was right with the world.

Time to wash again….



Today was a fun day, I slept, ate, sat upon the sofa while Katie was having her breakfast and crack out a good fart (The relief of gas from one’s bum). I love seeing the reaction of my humans when the smell finally wafts up their nostrils.

Anyways, after that, I went to refuel with food and water, preparing myself for a biggggg nap!.

I don’t remember much after that. It was a snoozy time.


Wednesday… I’m a clever cat!

Did you know I go to the toilet on the toilet, as in the human toilet? They always interfere though. Every time I want to go to the loo, they are right there to make sure I get it where I am meant to. Sometimes, just to give them something to do I deliberately flood the litter tray that sits inside. They keep telling me, “by now you should be able to go without having a litter tray section in the seat,” but I like it for comfort and balance on my paws.

Also to keep them busy, sometimes I miss the hole completely and flood the tray with a nice wet present for them. I’m doing this in my effort to clean up too.

I am a very clever cat, this past month, my humans got a new carpet, a nice big fluffy carpet, It feels kinda weird under my paws, kinda like… kinda like my litter box. Oh no now I am confused…

Have they bought me a giant toilet? Does that go in the living room? So they can watch me? What kind of people am I dealing with here?

Apparently this was not the main use of the big toilet rug, they showed their displeasure when they found the gifts of loo, loo love that I had left for them. I felt like a dog because I was definitely in the dog house.




Today, I had a great day.

I ate, slept, meowed at another cat, sat in the studio watching John paint. He does some great paintings of cats… ( Each time he brings them to life, I think, “Oh yay, I have a new brother or sister.” Then he says something about “when they dry, I’ll pack them and ship them out.” The other day, he put one painting of a cat in a box, John must be a magician, as when I went around the back to find the cats tail, it had disappeared.

It’s at times like these, I wish I could see in colour. Though how or why he manages to produce, other cats from his paintbrush I will never know.

Oh, and I licked my bum.

Snoozy time…



Today, I was scared.

Writing The black cat’s diary  allows me to share my thoughts and deepest dreams with you…

There was a lot of noise as a big storm went over the house. So, I do what I do best when scary times happen, I went and slept in the suitcase.

It was great, I heard the rain pelting off the window and then the next thing I remember was hearing Katie, opening my food from the other side of the house. They received this big box thing from someone they know in America, it had a lot of smelly things in. Some nice, some went right up my nose and knocked my sideways.

Anyway, the box produced some fluffy toys which were very nice and fun to play with. One makes a funny noise every time I jump on it. Safe to say it won’t make a noise when I sit on it.

John needed me today to model for him but, why oh why did he need to put a flat cat next to me?

Humans can be very strange indeed.

Well, that’s my week, I feel the need to explore the big kitty box in the living room so meow for now.





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