The Memory Road


When creating a CD or a painting, I look and think of certain things.

Things such as, what do I feel internally, can i see clearly what the finished project will be like and do I have a clear sound in my mind that I

want to develop?

With this brand new CD which will be out on the 18th of February we have captured 16 brand new songs and stories.

Songs and stories that you will all be able to associate with. Stories such as, having to move on, loosing a loved one, making wise choices

wondering how a long lost friend is, tired with society… These are stories that are designed to challenge, rock out to, relax to and evoke emotion in the listeners.

The lead song and title is The Memory Road and this is the story behind it.

After finishing and writing my 2nd album ” This Generation”  I had one song left over … No it wasn’t the memory road it was actually “My special one”

I always knew I wanted to record this song maybe as a one off song. However the more I recorded the more, songs just flowed out of me.


The Memory Road was the 3rd to be written for the CD  This was not a song that initially flowed naturally out of me, I had the first part of the chorus, try as I might I couldn’t get the rest

heeding my wifes advice I left it until a time that I could hear how it should sound. The rest of the song came one Tuesday afternoon, when I was due to meet my old youth group for a catch up.

30 minutes before I was due to catch my train, I got a message to say a foolish mistake had been made and they had headed into another town. Because of the tight schedule that I was one that day it meant that we wouldn’t be able to meet at this point. This obviously left me cross and frustrated… Open the gates of heaven and down flowed the lyrics.

“Been there now I ain’t looking back

my feet are on the right track

going down the only road I’ve known…

There comes a time to walk away

move on and live another day, don’t dwell on memories from long ago

The memory road”  The rest of the song wrote itself.

Sometimes when writing, all we need to do is to be patient, wait and let the best lyrics come to us. Sometimes situations need to present themselves as they did 14 times for this album. I know you will love it.


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  1. Heidi Glavin on February 10, 2018 at 10:33 pm

    You never cease to AMAZE, John!😃🎸

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