Well, What an interesting week this has been. Before I tell you The story of the Fairy Tree, I need to tell you what has been happening this week 14/5/2020. I have pulled a muscle in my stomach, (somehow) thankfully I’m still able to work and create the lovely artwork that you / I would expect. With that in mind, my ideas have become a lot more interesting and vivid… this could be in part to the lack of sleep due to the uncomfortable position when sleeping in my stomach (Ice gel works wonders)…



So, let’s get on to the real reason why you are here today… The story of the Fairy Tree.

The story of the Fairy Tree, begins from a garden centre just outside of Kilmarnock (South Ayrshire, Scotland) Katie and I were walking through the centre, I had been battling a cold and naturally was feeling rough, light-headed and low energy. I’m not sure if at this point I began hallucinating but as I walked into the centre of the centre, a giant tree with teapots, kettles, and fairy houses stood in front of me. This tree must have been, about 7 feet tall. It was amazing, such color, such as imagination, and such depth.


I had an idea for new work!

Like many ideas, they are written down in my writing pad and stored until I can get around to them. A few weeks passed by, I was recuperating after a successful sigmoidoscopy and I heard the news that coronavirus had spread and the whole world was going into 


I had time on my hands, I think I was more stunned at the entire world going into lockdown. I needed something to occupy my troubled mind, so I turned to the canvas and the brushes. I stood in the studio and remembered the tree with the teapots on. I began painting.

Sometimes, when an artist begins painting, We just paint, we pick up the brush and paint what we see. Other times something very special occurs. We experience what I call the creative connection, a feeling, a connection the canvas, idea, and brush. It’s like everything flows in tandem. This was one of those moments.

The ideas, still a jumble in my mind, started forming into a clear picture. No longer a fog of ideas this was as clear as clear could be. The tree would have life, a face, the teapots would have warmth and depth, the grass would be filled with toadstools. I could pull every creative resource that I had to

 create this piece, and I did.

Timing is everything in life if an idea doesn’t flow naturally don’t force it…

If an idea doesn’t flow naturally don’t force it, this has been something I have lived by for many years of my life. After such a promising start for no reason at all, I began to struggle with the shape and form of the ideas I saw. Once simple details, and a clear vision, suddenly began to unform in my mind. It was like, seeing a clear picture in my mind only to have that picture reform, reshape and jumble itself up again. What on earth was going on? I cleaned the brushes off, put the canvas down, and walked away… In my experience, this is the best thing to do when a mental image begins to reform. Walk away and come back another day…


Another day for success

When creating a painting, I keep it in my studio in my eye line so that every time I walk into the room, I see the painting. Ideas, often begin to develop from this. And on a wet rainy afternoon, the ideas began to form again. This time the image didn’t jumble about, I could see clearly the tree had red foliage, a van dyke brown trunk, lights surrounding it, and a face. Two eyes, a nose, and a door where the mouth would be. It reminded me of the tree from the amazing game Zelda.

The image was fixed. I knelt down on the ground and began to paint. (I find this the comfiest position to paint in.) Everything flowed and the rest they say is history… but wait… the story isn’t over yet. The toadstools, where did they come from. Google research! It’s amazing how our childhood often expresses itself once again through adulthood.

I was always a fan of the game series Super Mario. The world of colour, life, and fun always was an attraction to me. To no surprise, the toadstools were one of the first things I saw and were also a natural fit.

Originally, where the houses sit in the foreground bottom laid flowers, long pastel-like flowers. This, my friends just didn’t look right no matter what I did. So, I removed them and now sits long grass, fairy houses, and toadstools. (side note, the bottom left house was originally  in the shape of a boot, this too was unfitting.)

Everything fitted together, the details added and the rest is history.

The Fairy Tree story ends with this, like a film, song, book, or indeed painting, we as the artist can never really tell how successful, well-received and popular an art piece will be. All I can say is this piece is well on its way to being one of 2020’s signature pieces.

As always I appreciate you taking the time to share in my journey as an artist and I value you more than you can know.

This morning I was told by one of our young fans that I was her hero. This I found to be so humbling and wonderful.

Limited edition prints are available now only 200 will be made and can be ordered from https://www.johnmorrisartfromtheheart.com/product/original-art-fairy-tree/


The original is still available and can be ordered from https://www.johnmorrisartfromtheheart.com/product/fairty-tree-limited-edition-print/…


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