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Understanding anxiety and self-doubt

Understand anxiety, self-doubt and how to work through it.

In this blog I want to help you to understand anxiety, self-doubt and how to work through it.

The understanding of anything is the heart of beginning to deal with the problem. Example if you understand how a car works you’re more likely to be able to fix it when it goes wrong. Anxiety, depression, self-doubt, and a whole array of the internal struggles that we face are also like that. Now I must begin by saying that I am not a qualified doctor I can only share with you the methods that have worked for me over my life.

 In my life I struggle with depression, anxiety, self-doubt and the array of internal Stables that we mentioned before. One thing that we are building is our art therapy resources for futher help and to see how are therapy can help check out our DVDS



 Self-doubt often comes from voices in our ears are the people that are around us.  Usually it starts when people say, ” you can’t do this.” you’re not good enough” ” you’ll never make it.” ” you have no chance so why even begin?”  voice is like this I usually found at the heart of our family’s friends or inner circle of work colleagues.  Oftentimes they feel inadequate, unassured and even scared about going for their dreams. So, what tends to happen is, they bring other people down to their level.  Life lesson 5 –  often people, who see others doing well either go up to their level or attempt to bring the person doing well down to their level.

, my advice is if you have people in your life like this, speak to them. Very openly and honestly say ” I’m concerned about how you’re talking and how you’re treating me.” They may be completely oblivious to the fact that they’re doing this.  Or they maybe they will try to deal with the situation with sarcasm or a joke. the reality is, they are creating this self-doubt and spreading it to others. Whether they know it or not, it’s your responsibility for your own sick to take a stand and not to allow people to put self-doubt in your head.



 Have you been in a situation where you know you have a big presentation coming up, you’re all prepared as much as you can be but the thought of going into a room of 50 or 60 people or sometimes even 10 or 20 people is just overwhelming. All those eyes are on you, you go from being calm cool and collected, to being unable to sleep, think and eat.  Life lesson 6 the pressures that we often put up on ourselves I greater than the pressures the others but upon us.  Even if you’re not about to do a big presentation, sometimes the little things in life can be overwhelming in and of themselves.  Sometimes just meeting a friend for coffee, attempting to do a live video or even going outside when you’ve been in for a few days can all seem like such a big deal. My advice to you is to break it down into small steps if you’ve ever seen the episode of Friends where Chandler is about to get married you know what I’m about to say breaking things down into small steps can help us actually deal with things and process things rationally.

 For example, do you know one of the main reasons people fail to follow through in the dreams and the aspirations that they want for the real lives? It’s often because people see everything that needs to be done and freak-out.  For example, Tony Robbins uses a great analogy in his teaching a person who wants to go to the gym.  Now rather than just going to the gym, what a person thinks of when they think of going to the gym is the following…  “I have to get my bag ready,  put everything in the car, drive through traffic to the gym, check in at the gym, get changed, wait in line to use a machine,  possibly have to whip someone else’s sweat off the machine,  do the exercise,  repeat several times over with several other pieces of equipment, perform my cardio and cool down,  go for a shower,  get changed, pack my bag, get in the car  before d riving through traffic to go back home.”  if this is the way you think of the gym it’s no wonder you’re not at the gym and many others out there decide not to exercise.  The simple fact is this level of thinking will stop you and hinder you rather than motivate you.  Did you also know, that around 75% of people who take a gym membership take them out around Christmas, go to the gym and the introduction maybe once or twice and then they never seen again.  I honestly believe this is because, so many people think like what I have just listed.  So, let me break it down for you. When I think about going in the gym, I think about working my muscles and getting stronger I have my gym equipment all laid out my clothes are ready, and I go to the gym. In what I’ve just described that’s essentially what you are doing it’s just I’m breaking it down into only 3 or 4 steps as opposed to 14 or 15. Did you also notice the right at the beginning I Give Myself my reason why I’m going to the gym.  To get bigger and stronger.


 This may seem like an odd example when writing about hot to understand anxiety, self-doubt and how to work through it. However, anxiety is nothing more than overthinking things and allowing your brain to get carried away with you. I know, I’ve done it many times. If we don’t catch our thoughts before they become an avalanche we run the risk of losing another day, becoming more stressed and living life out of balance.


  Life lesson 7 catch your thoughts. Before they catch you.

These life principles that I tried to shape my life around.  I hope they’re encouraging to you and I hope you find some form of help to deal with your anxiety and self-doubt as well.  As we’ve mentioned, when you break things down, self-doubt is often the people we have around us and the messages we believe about ourselves,  and anxiety is overwhelm because our minds  are running away with us.  What I want you to do in the following days, when you find yourself becoming anxious is to catch your thoughts. Change whatever activity you are doing if possible or, have in mind sentence or phrase that you can do to bring your focus back. By changing our state, we can also change how we feel.  For example, have you ever felt really, rotten, and then went and did something that you absolutely loved Wetherby a piece of music, writing a song or creating a piece of artwork. Whatever it may be that you really enjoy, think about how you felt, did that change your mood? did it improve things for you. 



Life lesson 8 when we change state we change how we feel


 And finally coping with self-doubt, when you hear those voices saying that you can’t do it, do it anyway. By putting things into place, you can begin to change your future. It may not be easy but, as time goes on you will find things easier to deal with.


In the video that accompanies this blog you will learn how to understand anxiety, self-doubt and how to work through it.Only when you Understand anxiety, self-doubt can you begin to work through it and put a plan in place to help you to deal with things.

In this interactive video, I want to share with you some the best coping mechanisms for the internal struggles that we face. Such as those that I previously listed. This was filmed before a live audience who gave some wonderful in sites to struggles and battles that they faced. I am by no means a doctor and anyone who is experiencing severe bouts of internal struggle should see medical advice as soon as possible. What I aim to do in this video is to give actions plans to help you not only face these issues head on but also to win.


Let me know in the comments below if you found this video helpful.


P.S The final thing I want to say for today is this. Folks in the work place may or may not know how to deal with situations like what we have mentioned. Many work places are now being educated about the realities of the internal struggle. However, many are not. If this helps, please feel free to share this blog and our site with your boss or colleagues if it is appropriate to do so. It may be an eye opener for them or a reality check, that not everyone who appears to be doing great, actually is.


For Futher help and art therapy Check out our DVDS


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