Use the time you have wisely

Use the time you have wisely 

I want to firstly just let you know, this blog will cause you to think. It’s not intended to scare or send out the wrong signals, more so to get you to think about how you are spending your time. 

 As a child, I heard many times adults say “I am older than you! I know best.” The realities are it’s not how long you have lived but what you have done with your time. 

If we live to be 90 we have 2 billion 840 million 125 thousand 680 seconds in our lives. This may seem like a lot and plenty of time but… It equates to only 32,850 days in 90 years and half of this we will spend sleeping.  These figures kinda scared me when I calculated them, however it did force me to think about what I spent my time on, both in the past and the present. 

I want you to ask yourself the same question I did.

  1. What am I doing with my life?
  2. Is this the kind of life I want? 

Years ago, I did this same thing, in our old home in Huddersfield, at 5 am, while listening to Tony Robbins “Get the edge” series of coaching teachings.  I concluded, that If I couldn’t answer both of those questions and especially the second with gut level honesty, that (even at 17) I needed to make changes in my life.  I needed to begin shaping the kind of life that I wanted and, while things didn’t always go according to plan, at least I was working towards something that made sense. That’s what I did, and I want to encourage you to do the same.


What have you learned, practiced, been involved with, built, who have you helped etc in the time you have had?

When people say life is short, nothing brings it home more than having a long-term illness. That is why I say “Use the time you have wisely” 

Let me know, what your thoughts are about this blog. Did you find it helpful? Negative or just simply not your thing. 

Feedback helps me to be able to write about things that interest you and mean something to you.


Shalom always



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  1. Heidi Glavin on June 4, 2018 at 12:12 am

    I love this John! Simply Amazing !! I am a deeper thinker& love reading stuff like this. Keep it coming! Although some things in this life are harder to think about and almost force me to examine them, its all good and great for me!!

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