We all want to make life a little better for others, the reason our business is very, very special…

It is said that anyone who runs a business, charity, or any other organisation does so for a few reasons. One of the most common is to make other people’s life a little better. 
Most of us, despite our beliefs, religion, culture, or background share this common thread, we all want to make life a little better for others. That’s what I try to and have been doing for 18 years, but where did it really begin?

Where it all started 

It began one afternoon when I was just 17 years old. I turned on the TV to see Bob Ross’ Joy of Painting series on TV (read more about that story by clicking here.) If you were to ask me at that moment, did I know that I had just found the key to unlock a passion that would change not only mine but countless other lives around the world??? No… Lol
Often times, when something big is happening to us we very rarely recognise it. We are usually too busy being immersed in the emotion and feeling of what is happening to take notice of how it is affecting others. 
Through time, I forget many things, especially when life is really busy. However, some very key and special moments do stick out. The first time I picked up a brush, my first series of paintings, my first oil painting, and the first time that others saw my artwork and the reactions on their faces. I was a kid and lived a very sheltered life. Never had I received such praise for something I had done, I liked it. I had to have more. 

The drive to succeed 

I have always been driven to succeed in whatever I do. Once I learned the lesson that anything is possible, it fired me up to take my life in a whole new direction.

So I began painting more and more, every single day, every penny I had. I became addicted to painting just like I had been to bodybuilding (yes another one of my passions was and is bodybuilding and at one time I was 5th in Britain for the NPA Click here to read more about my recent dramatic story). Every penny I had, every spare moment I could find I was painting, studying, and creating. 

We all want to make life a little better for others… the first time I made it happen.

The first time I remember seeing it change a person’s life was not long after I moved to Scotland. A family of sisters had gone through a very strained time. They were no longer speaking and their mother was very very sick.  (See more of my portrait art by click here)
I was asked if I could paint a picture of her, in one final effort to reconnect the relationship that the sisters had once experienced. 
The pressure was on.
Breaking down the body and face into shapes, I began to paint. The paint just seemed to flow, like it wasn’t even me painting this picture. I saw it in my mind and it flowed through the vessels down my arm and out of the paintbrush I was holding. 
I knew that if this family had any chance of getting back together I had to deliver something amazing, beyond amazing I had to deliver something that was like no other. There was no room for error. 
The result was astounding, not just of the painting but how the family grouped back together around the painting to celebrate their dear mother’s life. 
We all want to make life a little better for others. My commitment…

It was there, I knew I had something very special and would commit the rest of my life to bring smiles and trying to make each client’s life a little better. 
That was 15 years ago, and over the years I have heard countless stories from people all over the world who have similar experiences. 
Family breakups, the loss of a beloved fur baby the loss of a child and so many more. 
Part of the joy in my life has been to help where I can and learn the secret to success. 
The secret is simple, do your best, be your best and listen. You’ll be amazed at what people are willing to share when a person is truly willing to listen.

We all want to make life a little better for others… the most recent smile

Another story that I experienced recently was the wonderful story told to me by Lisa Bedard of her husband Jim and his relationship with his fur baby Jake… See the video by clicking here  
(Also click here to see more of my pet art…)
Jake was Jim’s dog, but he was more than just a dog he was Jim’s best friend. I know now how much each memory painted on canvas means to the individual clients who work with me
Now I know and teach the power of art, that painting can change another’s life. I have had one amazing opportunity after another amazing opportunity to be a part of so many people’s lives all over the world and share experiences that I would have never had the opportunity to do anywhere else. 

We all want to make life a little better for others… two of my best friends

My best friend from Marland, Theresa, came as a result of my time in the USA doing a tour with author Anna Renault, I was her illustrator. 
This trip to the USA saw many firsts, my first time in America, my first time flying and my first 
time bringing my business to international soil. Anna and I had been working together in the Autumn of 2012. We had this awesome idea which turned into a crazy crazy tour of promoting my business. I would fly over to the USA, see a few friends, and then stay with Anna and her family for a few weeks while we went up and down the road together to promote our respective businesses. Sadly, Anna, is no longer with us, due to passing away from cancer in 2018 but Theresa is her granddaughter and since Anna’s passing, we have become best of friends and as close as brother and sister. Through Anna, I found an amazing friend and through this friendship, we have shared the highs and lows of life together. 

We all want to make life a little better for others… When we act, amazing things happen

Life is funny when you set out to help others, you never think about how it will impact and change your life. All I knew was if I could make my living doing something I love, I would always have something that I was passionate about and enjoyed. Even in the hard times. 
This year has brought about many awesome changes for me, even during a time of worldwide chaos. I have learned the secret to all spirituality-to alleviate suffering and provide hope for others. It has also brought about the opportunity for me to write my first book. 

My new book

 Anna and I talked about it for years but the timing was wrong. It is something I have always wanted to do and very soon it will be published and available on Kindle, ebook, and hardback. 
The book is set out as a devotional and teaches 40 of the life lessons that I have gone through and experienced over the last 18 years.
It certainly doesn’t feed the party line that many other self-help books do but deals with the realities of life. Such as coping with anxiety, when you think life is over, transitions, brokenness, timing, moving forward, rebuilding your life.
 This is a book that has something for everyone and like all of my professional life I hope helps change people’s lives, helps them think and see in a new positive way, and will be a blessing to them and you. 
When we desire to make the world a better place, you’ll be amazed at the opportunities that befall us. 
I live my passion and my prayer is that you will too… To be on our mailing list for when the book is released just click here

Other projects 

Many of our community love the work that I do. Whether in painting, music, writing, and videography (click here to see more), (upcoming documentaries I have a big project which I have been working on for over a year called art through the ages.)

It is my passion that everyone should have access to great art teaching and also accurate historical teaching. Sadly both of these subjects are having funding cuts around the world so Katie and I want to something about it. If you would be interested in contributing towards the success of this venture and reading more about what I’ve been up to you can by clicking this link… http://gf.me/u/yp9whz

Your support will be greatly appreciated and you’ll be contributing towards something amazing.

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