We were once one – joined together

Did you know We were once one – joined together

This is how the world would look if we were all joined together. Pretty amazing isn’t it? This is a photo of one of my most recent works called “Joined together.”  It tells the story of how the world was, each island connected together as “We were once one – Joined together.”

These last few months have seen much unrest and chaos around the world. From natural disasters from the four corners of the earth to a worldwide pandemic, lockdown, fear, worry, panic, and now battles of race.

We forget, that we were once joined together. A race who wandered the lands with hope and excitement of what awe-inspiring wonders we would see around the next corner.

How did this happen?

Disagreements led to splits, splits led to more splits, and eventually splits led back to disagreements which lead to wars. Eventually, the one mass of land, split into smaller countries and all who were on the various bodies of land were now cut off from each other. Their family and friends divided now separated by a vast body of water. They would now have to make a new life for themselves and get on with the task at hand.

Time, as it does, leapt forward. The old passed away and the news came. No longer were people happy with their little island and way of life, exploring their small corner of the world, no! they wanted to go out and explore more and even to take over other people’s land. (By force if they needed to) No longer did they remember that We were once one – joined together

One of the oldest quotes in history is “Man wanted to be ruled and I want to rule – It is the perfect combination.” Some need to be told what to do and some like to tell others what to do.

We have forgotten how to live, in peace, joy, and simplicity. We have forgotten our roots and the most basic of human needs and understandings. We, live in a world where success is deemed by how much money you earn, how prosperous your business is, how many houses you have in your portfolio. We deem success by empty things, things that are material, and mean nothing in the long term. No longer do we succeed as being inspired, creative, or making a difference in people’s lives.

No longer is a single parent raising 5 kids deemed to be a miracle or a person who battles and survives canvas or even a man or woman, drafted into the horrors of war only to return home changed and trying to hold it all together for their families. This to the world isn’t a success, this to the world is a duty.

When did it become acceptable to take another’s life?

To take a life is to crush the very essence of another living thing. People shoot animals for fun laud it all over the internet, proclaiming how amazing they are, needing the affirmation of others. It was only a matter of time before people began killing and hunting each other for fun, using an excuse such as “It’s ok they are black” or “It’s ok they don’t agree with me so kill them.” Or even “It’s ok they are in lower standing than I am. Do what you will with them.”

In the early days of creation, Cain killed his brother Abel and, since that fateful day man has been killing ever since.

To take a life is to take the most precious gift of all. It matters not whether it’s an animal, human, insect, creature or alien, each thing on this earth has much right to be here as you or I. To take it for fun or sport really indicates how truly messed up this world has become. Too much is now easily accepted and passed by. We have become a world who hears horrific and terrible news and simply passes it by, turns off the T.V, and moves onto the next task at hand.

Is it me or should? Or should we be seriously concerned about how desensitised we have become?

What is the answer

The answer is not to battle violence with violence, no! The answer should have come a long time before the situation ever got to that stage.

Many people say that WW2 was unavoidable that it had to happen. As much as I love history and studying the various time periods, many of the wars and triadic circumstances could have been avoided much sooner if people had only acted sooner.

“It only takes a few good people to do nothing for evil to reign. “or more correctly  John Stuart Mill, who said in 1867: “Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends than that good man should look on and do nothing.”


Many are filled still with hope for this world to change. Myself, for this world I don’t know. I don’t know if we change, and if they can, can it long term?

A 10-week lockdown challenge has led to some of the craziest behavior and petty complaining I have ever seen.

One thing I have found over the last 15 years in this line of work is that creative outlets united people. Even if it is in small groups. Hopefully, this will be a start. Our students at the online church or our online art students at outreach art have begun to find an amazing home and to support each other through their various outlets. It is wonderful to know that our little business is making a difference in some way. Those who join our monthly live concert where I share some stories, teaching, songs both from other artists and from my new CD (Hope in uncertain times), have been joining together and making new friends all over the world.

If what I do serves as a positive message and leads and example for others to follow my work will not have been in vain. I hope we never forget that We were once one – joined together

On a personal note

Many keep telling me, “the world will change after this lockdown, things will be a new normal. Brand new, fresh, and exciting” I honestly don’t believe it. I firmly believe that the world will go back to being the way it was before. Learning very few lessons about itself and how to change things.

For the human race to continue to prosper and succeed in the correct term, we need to down tools.

Stop letting money govern how successful we are and begin looking outward as opposed to looking inward. It needs to be a global effort. Not just the efforts of one or two places.

Only then can we be truly united and for this madness to cease.

Can this world make it? I don’t know, all I know is that time is short and If we are going to prosper, a collective effort must be made to do so.

Now is the time… Never forget, We were once one – joined together

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