Where can I find great art supplies that doesn’t cost the earth?

When I began on my artistic journey some 18 years ago, art supplies seemed to be cheaper. Maybe I just knew where to get good deals. They say a Yorkshire man has deep pockets, short arms and knows how to protect his money. I was a young student, with limited funds but a massive desire to paint. I went round the various shops that sold art supplies. I would pick up canvas from one store, paint from another and brushes from the third. In today’s money, those supplies may have set you back about $150-$200. I managed to bag them all for around $30-$50 depending on the size of canvas and quality of paint. I figured out something one day. Art materials can be very expensive but if you know where to go and who to talk to you can save yourself ALOT of money. That you can invest in your art business.
A few years and a few hundred paintings went by, Then one of the biggest things to happen to the world since the 1800s happened. The internet exploded. Not literally… but the internet took off in a way that few of us anticipated. This gave an amazing opportunity for people from around the world to make a living online and to get their hands on art supplies that for years had only been available overseas. However, with all this new information it can be a little scary and crazy. Where do I go? Who do I turn to? Who do I ask for good art supplies?
Finding art supplies that are good but that don’t cost the earth can be a challenge for any artist. Artists have an amazing when it comes to purchasing art supplies simply because they need something that is of high quality but they are building their stock with very limited funds.

So what do you do?
My first recommendation would be to ask other artists what they are using. Many artists are open about their supplies, many artists are protective as they feel that they have to give a reason for using said supplies. In my line of work, I work with several artists who are trying to build a successful business. I share with them the supplies that I use and recommend. Everything from Canvas, paint, brushes, pens, and palettes. These are items that I have used and taught students with and have found them to be really good supplies.
I understand that they are looking for great supplies that don’t cost the earth. I too was once where they are. If you would like to see my recommended art kit list you can by clicking the link below.

Finding great art supplies can be very, very difficult indeed but… I am here to help. All the products that I recommend have been used by me or my students personally. You are in safe hands. By the way, If you want to see something that isn’t on my list then please feel free to message me I’m always looking for ways to continue providing the best content and products that I possibly can…

Until next time.


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