Do you ever feel like your lost or not getting anywhere?

“All of us have heard about the advantages of setting goals in our lives, yet only a small minority of people actually do it. Today I want to explore with you “Why goal setting is vital for your success.”

The truth of the matter is that taking the time to set personal goals is one of the most powerful and effective ways to achieve success, exploit our full potential and live a meaningful life.-

When we set goals, it is important to not only list our long-term aims but also the daily actions required to help us achieve them. It gives us a clear set of actions to follow. It helps us measure our progress.

The answer you’ve been looking for maybe just as simple as knowing the answer to this question… Do you set goals?
Many times people get lost on a journey without knowing the destination. In this video, I want to teach you how setting goals can save you so much aggravation and can keep you motivated and focused on getting done what you need to.


Ok, So you have seen the video “Why goal setting is vital for your success”. Now what?

We need to go deeper. Goal setting, is something I love and really doesn’t need to be complex or complicated. Let’s look deeply at Why goal setting is vital for your success

It can be as simple as sitting with a piece of paper and writing out a five-point to-do list for the day.

1. Have a shower

2. Have breakfast

These may seem like very strange things in a to-do list? Really? They aren’t! It’s important to start the day with momentum, right? To hit the ground running. Well, With the first two steps done and ticked off you are well on your way to something amazing.

Step 3 maybe, “Book in collection for tomorrow

4. Pack painting

5. Address package

It is all one job and one order but doing this will help you build momentum so much for the day to day tasks of life. But… What about the longterm goals? Let’s look at them now

How to create a simple goal checklist…

The best way to layout a goal checklist is as follows.

Getting focused and Specific

Making sure your goals are specific is vital, as this helps you hone into what it is that you actually trying to achieve. Without knowing this, you will flounder around, trying every idea under the sun and maybe just maybe find one that works for you. So Getting specific about what your goal is is vital.

I.e. How much do you want to earn this year? How many paintings do you want to sell this year? etc.


Making sure you can measure your goals

How can you tell if you are succeeding or not if you don’t have a measuring stick with which to see your results?
Many people, through everything they have at the wall and see what sticks. This, my friend is a really foolish way to practice your skills. Take the time to understand why people respond the way they do, why things work, and why they don’t. For example, in releasing a new painting or art course, if it works, ask yourself the question…”Why did this work?” “How can this success be repeated?” If it flopped, you need to know why it flopped. Why didn’t it work, what could you do differently?

Is your goal attainable and realistic?

Many people want to earn crazy amounts of money and do crazy business in the art world. Last week, I had a student tell me he was going to earn $25,000 in two years. Feeling confident I asked my young student… “Oh really, what plan do you have to make this money?” He replied with, “Oh, It’s simple, I’ll just create a ton of art and put it on Facebook and Instagram…” I pressed the conversation further by asking… “Oh, so how many people do you have following you on Instagram?” “About 150!” He replied.  This was a fun conversation, but it did serve a purpose that this young student actually had no idea how to reach his target audience, sell his art or have a clear grasp and understanding of a very, very difficult business.
Make sure your goals are actually achievable in life, really think about them and what you want to achieve, what is possible and what is doable without sapping all your energy.

How relevant is it?

Do you ever stop and wonder, “how much time do I spend, focusing on tasks that don’t work towards my end goal?”  Much of our lives are spent doing the same thing over and over. A research study was carried out in America and the results were staggering. The researchers found that many people have hopes and dreams for their lives, yet their day to day actions actually led them further and further away from their goals than getting them closer towards them. Once, the team realised this and applied goal setting to their day to day routine they started to see growth on a monumental scale.

Think about what you are doing, spend time each day being aware of the actions you are taking and if they are getting you closer to your dream.


Each person gets 24 hours in a day and 168 hours in a week. That’s it, no more, no less. Most of that is spent doing day to day things like sleeping and going to the loo. Which takes out a huge chunk of your time. Even more, time can be wasted if you aren’t focusing on what you need to do in order to get to where you want to be. The little time you can invest into your dream will determine whether or not it will happen. When I began Art from the Heart, 18 years ago I went all in.

Everything I did and still do, everything I had went into this vision of running my own art business. Every spare hour I could muster went into this vision. 16-18 hours of work per day, Studying for a degree helped further my knowledge, being a youth worker helped pay the bills and fund my dream and putting in the work to ensure our business would grow.

Many people want to live their dreams, but few are willing to put in the work, the study, the long nights and days, the battles, fights, and discipline to stick it out when things get hard.

If I can leave you with anything, Live your dreams, live them to the full. However before you live them you must first chase them… Chase them with all that you have.

Now you understand my friend why, oh Why goal setting is vital for your success


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