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Why products aren’t made to last

Things aren’t made to last.

Do you find that things don’t go as far as they used to? Money, health and many products.

Years ago, when you purchased an ironing board or table, 50 years later it had been passed down through the family and was used until it fell apart.

Now-a-days, if you get a few years from some products, you are doing well. Recently I purchased a new laptop from a well-known business chain. Alarm bells began to ring in my mind, when the assistant informed me, that I may get 7 years out of this new laptop but more than likely would be around 3 or 4. Now, for someone who seeks to give the best service possible, I have a MAJOR issue with this.

I understand that businesses need to make money and create returning clients, but seriously, who on earth would pay £500+ for a product that will only last 4 -7 years.

Well get this, many of us would. Today, we live in the technological age. Where we rely on our phones and laptops more than anything. Going one step further, humans are addicted to their gadgets and many would struggle to function without them. Around 5 billion people now have a mobile phone connection, according to GSMA data.


Human have hit a notable milestone, in the technological field with five billion people globally, which is two-thirds of the world’s population — now laying claim to a mobile phone connection. “The announcement came from GSMA Intelligence, the research arm of the trade body that represents the interests of mobile networks around the world.” Source from

So, as I’m sure many of you can work out, the folks at Apple, Samsung, Vodaphone and every other major phone provider are raking in the cash. With this knowledge, as a customer I want a product that Is going to last, give as little trouble as possible and do what it’s meant to do.

Within 4 months, the aforementioned laptop, was glitching, running slow (which it had from the day I purchased it. Sometimes laptops just need time to speed up) and eventually, the cherry on the cake was a cracked LCD screen.

When a situation like this arises, the best thing a business can do, is to listen and be as helpful as possible. Sadly, this wasn’t the case. We were given every party line and scripted answer in the book by one lady and given the run around by another.

The laptop was sent away and 5 days later, I received a call informing me that, the laptop couldn’t be diagnosed with a fault. The laptop was sent back to the head office and today, we went in to pick it up. Yet again, the assistant refused to stray from her guidebook of answers and continued to give the party line. Even after being informed of trading standards policies.

At this point I am not too concerned about the laptop itself as I can repair the screen for a fraction of the fee that they probably would have wanted to charge.

The point I am making here is, when someone spends around £400 on a new laptop and something happens, it is the responsibility of the company to help and be as understanding as possible.

To end on a high note, there was one gentleman assistant (who was also called John) who appeared genuine in his assistance and care.

It’s time that big businesses wake up and realise, they are here to provide a service and to serve the clients. That’s why most businesses, got into business in the first place, to help others. If we are not helping we are hurting. As we consume and take for ourselves. Sadly, this seems to be the way of the world today. Our politicians, business chains, world leaders and those at the higher end of the scale, are often lining their pockets with no accountability to anyone.

If you are a business owner I encourage you to take a good hard look at yourself and your business and to ask that question. “Am I working for the good of myself or am I working to help serve a need of another?”

We make memories on canvas custom paintings for clients all over the world to keep those special memories alive. Our paintings are made to last and have the best in high quality materials. I couldn’t sleep at night if I knew I’d sold a product or painting that after 3-6 years would melt off the walls.

I jest, however this situation with the laptop really opened my eyes to the world of consumerism that exists. Which wouldn’t be such a problem, if that items that are made, were made to last longer than a few years. Rather, than being built to fail.

In the attached video, I sit down with my wife Katie as we share with you some of our thoughts and feelings about the consumer industry. Also, what you as the customers should expect when purchasing a product. Remember without you, these businesses can’t succeed. They need you more than you need them. This is something that, even after 14 years in the world of the art business I still remember and hold dear to my heart.




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